ALESTORM official video for “Magnetic North”

Folk pirate metallers Alestorm from Scotland present their brand new video “Magnetic North” taken from their latest album “Sunset on the Golden Age” released on August 1st 2014 via Napalm Records.

Alestrom official page
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AETHERNAEUM unveil upcoming album details

AETHERNAEUM - Naturmystik

German nature mystic folk black metal band Aethernaeum from Berlin will release its new album, entitled “Naturmystik” on October 2nd, 2015. Like all their previous works it will be out by the German label Einheit Produktionen and it will come both in standard jewel-case CD and in Artbook CD edition. It was in 2013, when Alexander Paul Blake decided to transform his solo project by his own name into a true band called Aethernaeum. The black metallic debut “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” in 2012 (released as a solo project) was followed by “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” in 2013, which finally defined the unique style of the band. Two and a half years later, Aethernaeum will release the successor “Naturmystik” and they have yet again refined their music. You will get to hear Read more

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SAXORIOR reveal upcoming album details


German epic melodic pagan black metallers Saxorior will finally break their 7-year silence and will release their 7th full-length album “Saksen” on September 18th 2015 via Einheit Produktionen. “Saksen“, which will be released in digipak CD edition, narrates the migration of the ancient pagan Saxons from the outset of the first documented mention until the christianization. Lyrics deal with glory and suffering, Hengist and Horsa, the bloodbath of Verden to the last grand uprising against the christian yoke. The ancient diction, epic songs and the treatment of historic themes make this masterpiece come across very authentic. Saxorior have already unveiled the cover artwork, album tracklist and a song from “Saksen” that you can watch below.

1. Hinreise           Read more

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NÚMENOR unveil upcoming album details

NUMENOR - Sword and Sorcery

Epic symphonic dark metallers Númenor from Serbia have revealed the first details of their upcoming second full-length album, entitled “Sword and Sorcery“. It was recorded and produced in Studio Paradox and it will be released in September 2015 via Stormspell Records. Some songs are written in the way of their debut album, but there are also new ideas, so that their music becomes even more bombastic and epic, truly representing dark fantasy metal. Lyrics are based mostly on Michael Moorcock and J.R.R. Tolkien tales. Númenor have already unveiled the marvelous cover by Slobicus Doomicus, as well as the album tracklist.

1. Interlude
2. Dragonheart           Read more

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MIASTHENIA – Legados do Inframundo

MIASTHENIA - Legados do Inframundo

Origin: Brazil
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Misanthropic Records Mutilation Productions
Year: 2014

Miasthenia, the pioneers of Brazilian pagan black metal, are back with their latest full-length album, entitled “Legados do Inframundo“. Formed in Brasília back in 1994, the band released 2 split albums and 2 demos before the debut full-length “XVI” in 2000, which was out via Somber Records. They released two more albums under the same label, “Batalha Ritual” in 2004 and “Supremacia Ancestral” in 2008. After 6 years of silence, interrupted by a live DVD, Miasthenia return with their fourth album, released in the Spring of 2014 via Misanthropic Records and Mutilation Productions.            Read more

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GRIM SKÖLL unveil upcoming album details

GRIM SKOLL - At the Gates of Glory

Mexican pagan ambient black metal band Grim Sköll, the personal project of Baal Taran (also in Benatnash, Eidyllion, Dazhbog), will soon release its latest work entitled “At the Gates of Glory“. It is their fourth full-length album and will be out this August via Room Productions. “At the Gates of Glory” includes seven hymns dedicated to the heathen honor and pagan pride of the worship of the Mother Earth. Offering a great step up in the sound evolution of the band, this new album is a perfect choice for pagan black metal enthusiasts. The vocal participation of Salai Ereshkigal (Benatnash, Eidyllion) on choirs and Silvana Massa’s art in the cover sleeve and inlay art of the album, Read more

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EЇS reveal upcoming album details

EIS - Bannstein

German black metal band Eïs will release its fifth album, “Bannstein“, on October 2nd 2015 via Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions! After the fiercely maritime “Galeere” in 2009 and the icy “Wetterkreuz” in 2012, mastermind Alboin and his fellow musicians have created an oppressive opus about man’s fateful nature and the impossibility to overcome its latent doom. With “Bannstein“, Eïs maintain their status as one of the most integral black metal bands in the German-speaking world when it comes to concepts, lyrics and atmosphere. With years of experience under their belt, Eïs have composed and arranged more diverse songs than ever. Dark, menacing black metal with classic Nordic riffs and majestic fury is still focal, Read more

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NACHTGESCHREI official video for “Monster”

German folk rock metallers Nachtgeschrei present the official music video for the song “Monster” taken from their upcoming 5th full-length album “Staub und Schatten“, scheduled for release on August 7, 2015 via Oblivion / SPV.

Nachtgeschrei official page
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