VARANG NORD official video for “Боевой Гимн Лесов”

Viking folk metallers Varang Nord from Daugavpils of Latvia present a new music video for the song “Боевой Гимн Лесов / Warchant of the Forests” taken from their 2015 album “Master of the Forest“.

The video was filmed by Ivars Utinans, with the participation of the re-enactment club “Rubezh”.

Varang Nord @ Facebook       Read more

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SANGDRAGON official video for “Krakenfyr”

Occult symphonic black death metallers Sangdragon from France present the official video for the song “Krakenfyr“, taken from the album “Requiem For Apocalypse” released via Wake Up Dead Records  and Season of Mist.

* Directed by Mehdi Khadouj
* Produced by Sangdragon
* Scenario: Vincent Urbain, aka Lord V. Dragon           Read more

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GRAVELAND and NOKTURNAL MORTUM will soon release split album

Polish pagan black metallers Graveland and Ukraine’s cult folk pagan black metal band Nokturnal Mortum have announced the release of a split album.


Entitled “The Spirit Never Dies“, this much anticipated release will be out on 15th of February 2016, via the new label Heritage Recordings! It includes 3 songs from each band, composed and recorded especially for this release. “The Spirit Never Dies” comes in an 8-panel digipak with Read more

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FUATH ready to release debut album


Scottish atmospheric black metal band Fuath, a new project created by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andy Marshall (better known as the mastermind behind Celtic black metal act Saor) will release its debut album “I” on February 1st 2016 via Neuropa Records. Unlike Saor, which finds Marshall focusing mostly on a folky and epic black-metal, here the musician delves into a darker and more melancholic side of black metal, marrying fierce and harsh riffs, unrelenting double-kick drums and raspy screams with melancholic melodies and hypnotic, gloomy ambiences. “I” is wonderfully diverse in structure, featuring various tempos and superb ambiences that shift between intense, grim moments and more thoughtful, melancholic passages. “I am a massive Read more

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VINTERGATA release new single


Russian dark fantasy blackened metal band VintergatA from Moscow has just released its new single, entitled “Омут“. The band, with an updated line-up and many guest international members, has tried to make the fantasy atmosphere of its music really mystical and at the same time to release a powerful modern sound. At the moment, Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah, One Morning Left) has finished recording keyboards on VintergatA’s second album and very soon the band will present it to your attention. “Омут” was mixed, mastered and produced by Vladimir Lehtinen, Blastbear Sound and Alexandr Demidov, while the amazing artwork is by Alexandr Tartsus.                Read more

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SKUGGSJÁ reveal upcoming album details

SKUGGSJA - A Piece For Mind and Mirror

Norwegian ambient pagan folk metal duo Skuggsjá, will release its debut full-length album “Skuggsjá – A Piece for Mind and Mirror” on March 11th 2016 via Season of Mist. When renowned musicians such as Enslaved guitarist / composer Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik, the mastermind behind Wardruna, which gained attention far beyond the world of music for their contributions to the score of the acclaimed “Vikings” TV-series, join forces, the outcome is far too easily dismissed in advance as a “super project”. Yet with Skuggsjá, the two Norwegians have clearly not only successfully combined their musical handwriting, but the sum of the duo’s craft is more than its already outstanding parts. Both are adding sonic expressions to the Read more

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METHYSOS unveil upcoming album details and teaser

METHYSOS - Folkloria

Folktroll metallers MethysOs from Limassol, Cyprus have announced the release date of their debut full-length album “Folkloria“, presenting the official video trailer that you can watch below. The band has also revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork, made by Konstantinos Skenteridis Art. “Folkloria” will be self-released in CD edition on March 12th, 2016, exactly four years after the band’s demo “Beyond Myths and Legends“, MethysOs’ only work up to date. Mark the day where trolls, kalikantzaroi, namahages and weary travelers shall all come together to celebrate the creation of their spiritual child!

Trollen [Intro]
1. The Keeper of Cosmos                       Read more

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ULGARD unveil upcoming album details

ULGARD - From the Northmen's Cry

American atmospheric epic black metal / folk ambient band Ulgard, the personal project of Wiley Watson from New England, will release its second full-length album “From the Northmen’s Cry” on February 10th 2016 via the French label Endless Decrepitude Productions. Ulgard’s first full-length album “Songs for the Wanderer” in 2015, was a fantasy folk ambient work, in which they invited us to a mysterious and enchanting forest through a wonderful combination of folk instruments and vocals, to let us enter a perfectly crafted, ancient atmosphere. This time, with “From the Northmen’s Cry“, the band offers an epic black metal album, that makes us travel through a cataclysmic and frozen storm, through which Read more

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