VELDES release new EP

VELDES - Skyward

Slovenian atmospheric black metal one-man-band Veldes from Bled has just released its new EP “Skyward” via the American label Razed Soul Productions. After the well received debut full-length album “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” in 2013, Veldes return with four new tracks of calming black metal with a brooding atmosphere. Emotive and beautiful while paradoxically presenting decay and death, “Skyward” breathes with similar characteristics as its predecessor, still leaving the listener hollowed and fragmented inside. The EP will soon stream on Bandcamp, but for now is available only in a limited to 500 copies CD edition in jewel-case.

1. Skyward
2. Woe Eater                             Read more

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CERRIDWEN will soon release debut EP on CD

CERRIDWEN - Aconitum

Cerridwen is a symphonic ethereal folk metal band from Bellingham, USA that will release its debut EP “Aconitum” via Cascadian Alliance on September 16th, 2014. The physical edition of “Aconitum” that was initially released digitally on October 2013, will be out with all-new album art, and a slightly refined mix/master. The project began in 2005 known as Aconitum, fashioned by John and Jenn, keyboards and drums, respectively. Over the next five years, three other members joined, Genevieve on vocals, Cavan on guitars and Josh on bass. After their line-up was finalized, they decided to change their name to Cerridwen. According to legend, Cerridwen was an enchantress who had the ability to grant poetic inspiration. She also was Read more

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STRYDEGOR reveal upcoming album details


German melodic Viking death metallers Strydegor from Schwerin have revealed the first details of their upcoming third full-length album “Enraged“, which is scheduled for release in September 2014. Strydegor were formed in 2007 and in 2008 released their first demo album ”Legends of Midgard” and the demo EP ”Midwinter ‘s Eve”. They have also released two full-length albums so far, both via CCP Records: “Back on Ancient Traces” in 2009 and “In the Shadow of Remembrance” in 2012. The new album’s lyrical concept is about how humanity looses itself in hatred and rage! Strydegor have revealed the album tracklist and unveiled the cover artwork, designed by Ingo Tauer. More news will be available soon.

1. Preludium
2. Final Judgement Day                      Read more

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HEIDRA official video for “Wolfborn”

Danish epic Viking black death metallers Heidra from Copenhagen premiere the official video for the song “Wolfborn” taken from their recently released debut full-length album “Awaiting Dawn“.

Heidra official page
Heidra @ Facebook
Heidra @ Twitter

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GRAI reveal upcoming album details

GRAI - Mlada

Pagan folk metal band Грай (Grai) from the Republic of Tatarstan of eastern Russia will release its third studio album “Млада – Mlada” on the 19th of September 2014 via Noizgate Records. At the same time, Grai together with SatanaKozel, will also begin their “Folk Metal Crusade Tour”, whose first dates are already confirmed and you can check in the band’s official pages. “Mlada” includes 11 songs with the band’s typical mix of delicate folk sounds and punchy metal. Ruzel “Ruzveld”, guitarist and mastermind of Grai, has to say about the album: “Mlada is complex and varied, with songs full of life, dance, action and rhythm, but also some slower parts that provoke thought. It is a great album, on which we were once again able to further develop Read more

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ANTHELION release new album

ANTHELION - Obsidian Plume

Symphonic black metallers Anthelion from Taipei, Taiwan have recently released their second full-length album “黑羽 Obsidian Plume” via ULoud Music. Formed back in 2001, the band released the EP “血染日輪 Bloodstained Anthelion” in 2004, its debut full-length album “沐血再臨 Bloodshed Rebefallen” in 2007 and a second EP “曼珠沙華 Mañjusaka” in 2010. Anthelion is known for drawing out and combining the darkness and the brightness of many themes in dramatic ways. As well as having the impact of traditional heavy metal, their music unites sadly beautiful piano melodies with magnificent orchestral elements. The symbolic artwork of “Obsidian Plume” depicts a raven, a bird that has been taken as a bad omen since ancient times. Something not Read more

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PETRYCHOR release second album

PETRYCHOR - Makrokosmos

Petrychor is an American one-man atmospheric folk black metal band from California, the personal project of Tad Piecka. The band has just released its second album “Makrokosmos” on July 10th 2014, three years after its debut full-length and one year after the split with Frozen Ocean. This release is bittersweet for Tad, as it was originally going to be released by Wilhelm of Khrysanthoney Records, who recently passed away. Having prepped and delayed the album a number of times, Tad carefully weighed how best to release it considering the circumstances and have decided to forego a physical release in order to make it available now digitally via Bandcamp. “Makrokosmos” is the result of combining Read more

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HIVERNA – II. Macabre

HIVERNA - II. Macabre

Origin: Canada
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Oaken Forge
Year: 2014

Folk black metal band Hiverna from Québec of Canada, has finally released the second part of a dilogy that started in 2010, but was composed many years earlier! The band was formed in 2006 by Bardunor (David Verret – also in Monarque, Crépuscule, Barol Svinge, Csejthe and Demain, Wendigo) and Helorth (later left the band), but the first sparks were actually lit back in 2004. The first release of Hiverna was the split album in 2008 with Chasse-Galerie, entitled “L’Aube Septentrionale“. In 2010 the band released its debut full-length album “I. Folklore” and 4 years later, in June 2014, the second part “II. Macabre” was out via Oaken Forge, Read more

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