SECHEM reveal upcoming EP details

SECHEM - Renloaded

Spanish oriental folk metallers Sechem from Madrid have announced the release of their second EP on December 2014. The band was founded in the end of 2010, when Marta Sacri (wind instruments and percussion) started to experiment with the history of Egypt and modern oriental music, accompanied by large doses of metal. In 2013 Sechem released their self-produced demo “Ren” and started their first live shows. In the beginning of 2014 four new members joined the band and Sechem refreshed their music style and thematology. For the last few months they have been dedicated to getting ready to work on their new album “Reinassance of the Ancient Ka”, which will come out in 2015. However, they didn’t want to leave us waiting for too long, especially without having introduced Read more

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YMYRGAR – The Tale as Far

YMYRGAR - The Tale as Far

Origin: Tunisia
Genre: Epic Metal Folk Black Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

Ymyrgar is a new folk black metal band from Tunisia and the first one I know from this country. They were formed in 2011 by a group of friends who shared the same passion for metal. After a lot of research and several member changes, they managed to gather a complete line-up. They started working on their first songs and soon recorded their debut full-length album “The Tale as Far“, which was finally self-released on October 2014.      Read more

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STURMPERCHT / RAUHNÅCHT new split released


Alpine folk band Sturmpercht joined forces once again with Austrian Alpine pagan black metal band Rauhnåcht for the release of the full-length version of their long sold-out split EP “Zur Ew’gen Ruh” from 2012. Actually it is a completely new album, 4 times longer than the original mini-CD. It includes four long songs, with a total playtime of 62 minutes, while the original EP was only 16 minutes long. Each song consists of 2 parts; the first half belongs to Sturmpercht’s acoustic folk and the second part to Rauhnåcht’s pagan folk black metal. It is released via Steinklang Records both in a 6 panel matted A5 digipak edition with partial glossy UV print and in a double-LP edition. Both versions can be ordered by the label and by Rauhnåcht’s official Read more

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SKOGMARK debut album on SoundAge

SKOGMARK - Sworn to Paganism

Russian atmospheric pagan black metallers Skogmark from St. Petersburg will soon release their debut full-length album via SoundAge Productions. They were formed in 2012 and self-released the EP “Autumn-Winter” in 2013. In 2014 Skogmark self-released digitally their first full-length album “Sworn to Paganism“. Their great music gained the attention of SoundAge Productions who signed the band and will officially release ”Sworn to Paganism” on CD in the end of 2014. Skogmark are now recording their second full-length album, a work they promise to be slightly more melodic, still very atmospheric…

1. Дух лесов (Spirit of Forests)
2. Гнев Богов (Wrath of Gods)               Read more

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CRUADALACH unveil upcoming album artwork and tracklist

CRUADALACH - Rebel Against Me

Czech folk metallers Cruadalach from Prague, Bohemia have just unveiled the front cover of their forthcoming album “Rebel Against Me” painted by Martin Rytych. It is the second full-length album of the band, after 2011′s “Lead – Not Follow” and will be out on January 2015 under MetalGate Records. The band managed to record the album thanks to the support of its fans through a crowdfunding campaign. On Saturday, January 17, 2015, they invite you to their Release Party in Jamm Club in Prague! In addition to the presentation of ”Rebel Against Me” you will also have the privilege to listen to 6 songs from the album in acoustic versions, you will witness the official premiere of their first video-clip and you will also be able to purchase the new CD and merchandise! Except for the cover artwork, Cruadalach have also revealed the album tracklist.

1. Revolt without a Name
2. Shiva World Dance Party                        Read more

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VOLTUMNA unveil first details of upcoming album

VOLTUMNA - Disciplina Etrusca

Etruscan death black metallers Voltumna have just unveiled the first details of their upcoming second full-length album, which will be entitled “Disciplina Etrusca“. The band was formed in 2009 and in 2011 they self-released the EP “Chimera“. Their debut album “Damnatio Sacrorum” was initially self-released on March 2013 and re-released on April 2014 via UK label Cold Birth Records. Voltumna are now in search for a new label to release their new album, hopefully in spring 2015. They have already revealed “Disciplina Etrusca” tracklist and the cover artwork by the amazing hands of Marcelo Vasco.

01. Roma Delenda Est
02. Prophecy of One Thousand Years                   Read more

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LA CARUTA DI LI DEI release new EP


Italian epic black metal band La Caruta di li Dei, one of Agghiastru’s many projects, has just released its new EP “Ursus” via its permanent label and partner Inch Productions. La Caruta di li Dei has been active since 1997, and this the 5th EP for the band that has released only one full-length, “Mediterraneo Atto I” back in 1998! ”Ursus” was recorded between Sciacca and Turin, on two different periods (from 27 September to 1 October, 2013 and then from January 13 to 28, 2014). Their music offers wonderful epic melodies, mixed with aggressive black death metal, without neglecting progressive veins here and there. “Ursus” is a song composed in the late ’90s, remaining buried in one of Agghiastru’s many drawers and its aesthetic is closer to the beginning. “Arus” is a cosmic journey Read more

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GRIFT & SAIVA split EP details and trailer


The coming of winter is marked by the return of 2 Swedish black metal bands, Grift and Saiva, bringing us a 10″ split filled to the brim with rural melancholy. Where Saiva bring us a musical interpretation of the Swedish Lappmark that stands as a celebration to those who endure the harsh and desolate northern wilderness, Grift in turn, from the southern part of Sweden, will put us in a sense of living in a foregone time that no longer exists but which lives on through old traditions and stories. This collaboration most definitely carries the sign of the ever-prevalent Swedish gloom. The EP will be released via Nordvis for Europe and Bindrune Recordings for N. America and will be available on late December 2014 / mid January 2015. It will be limited to 350 copies only and is already available for Read more

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