SKYFOREST released acoustic EP


Russian atmospheric melancholic post black metallers Skyforest have just released their new EP, entitled “Harmony” via Depressive Illusions Records. ”Harmony” is an entirely acoustic EP, with soft, peaceful and dreamy compositions and it serves as a transition from “Unity” to what will come next eventually (hopefully in 2020). Apart from B.M. (the band’s mastermind) this EP features once again Michael Rumple in clean vocals (he’s now a part of Skyforest officially) and Arina Fox as guest singer in the title song (she also did vocals in B.M.’s other dream pop project Hiki, on latest album). The incredible artwork is by Sergey Shenderovsky, who once again was able to draw exactly what B.M. was imagining. Except for the digital formats, “Harmony” is also available Read more

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ГРАЙ official video for “Прощание”

Russian folk metallers present the video for the track “Прощание / Farewell” from their latest album “Пепел / Ashes” released via Noizgate Records.

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Grai @ VK
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WOLF’S CALLING released debut EP

WOLF'S CALLING - Wolf's Calling

Wolf’s Calling is a new folk metal project with Ukrainian and Russian roots that was started by two musicians in the pacific northwest. They recently released their debut EP “Волчий Зов“, after 2017′s debut single “Земля ждет / The Earth Is Waiting“. Indigenous and pagan songs, as well as traditions of the Slavic origin, shaped the theme of the band. Bands such as Arkona, Alkonost, Korpiklaani, Wardruna, Altai Kai and Ensiferum were a big inspiration during the growth and development of their musical paths. As the band states, their name, Wolf’s Calling, symbolizes our disconnection with nature. Their lyrics speak of the fear and hatred that the modernized human culture has over the wild and animals such as the wolf. It is also about regaining our vision and connection with nature and calling out for an end to environmental destruction. The band hopes to inspire people Read more

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RVI MEKHA! official video for “В огне”

Russian folk metallers Рви Меха! from Saratov present the official music video for their new single “В огне / In Flames“.

Rvi Mekha! @ VK
Rvi Mekha @ Bandcamp

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CELTIBEERIAN official video for “Deiwos”

Spanish folk metal band Celtibeerian from Ciudad Real presents the official music video for the song “Deiwos” taken from the band’s same-titled album.

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ATRIUM NOCTIS official video for “Zerberons Erwachen”

German symphonic black metallers Atrium Noctis from Cologne present the official video for the song “Zerberons Erwachen” from their latest album “Aeterni“.

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MERKFOLK official video for “Dziady”

Polish folk metallers Merkfolk present their new videoclip for the song “Dziady” taken form their upcoming album “Kolovrat“, scheduled for release in July 2018.

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FIRTAN unveil upcoming album details

FIRTAN - Okeanos

German epic black metal band Firtan from Lörrach have signed to AOP Records and will release their second full-length album on July 13th, 2018! The new album will be entitled “Okeanos” and it was produced at Klangschmiede E with Markus Stock who also produced numerous great bands like Helrunar, Secrets of the Moon and many more. It turned out to be the most complex and advanced work if Firtan so far and the band is really proud to present it to you soon! The first track will be premiered on May 17th 2018. They have unveiled the cover artwork, done by noone less than Denis Forkas Kostromitin, known for his work with Behemoth for example! Pre-orders will start soon.

1. Seegang
2. Tag Verweil                   Read more

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