ISTAPP reveal upcoming album details

ISTAPP - Frostbiten

True Blekingsk black metal band Istapp from Sweden has just revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and the date of its upcoming full-length album “Frostbiten“, which will be released by TrollZorn Records on August 7th 2015. Once, planet earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then the foul solar depending creatures swarmed the earth with its repulsive existence. Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth. Istapp finally presents an antidote for the sun and its worshipers, entitled “Frostbiten“. Stronger than ever, Fjalar and Isar bring forth the Absolute Zero and march for the final extermination of the burning star. Join forces and die a honorable death or prepare yourselves for eternal torment.

1. Apep
2. Frostbiten                          Read more

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SOJOURNER release debut single

SOJOURNER - Heritage of the Natural Realm

Sojourner is a new epic atmospheric black metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand and Malmö, Sweden. It is the joining of musicians that share the same passion for the atmospheres and beauty of black metal, folk music, nature, and fantasy. Sojourner were formed in the beginning of 2015 by Emilio (also vocals in Nangilima), Mike L. (also guitarist & composer of Lysithea) and Chloe. “Heritage of the Natural Realm” is their debut single from their as-yet-untitled upcoming album. It was released digitally on May 23, 2015 and it is available in their official Bandcamp page. The beautiful cover art is “Roman Campagna” by Thomas Cole, 1843. The band is working on its debut full-length album that will be hopefully released this year. Fans of Read more

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CREPUSCLE – Draconian Winter

CREPUSCLE - Draconian Winter

Origin: USA
Genre: Epic Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

American epic melodic death metallers Crepuscle from Redwood City, California have recently released their debut full-length album. The band was formed in 2006 under the name Draconian Winter and released the demo EP “Silent Reverie” in 2007. After several line-up changes and music experimentation, they decided to give a new name to the project, thus Crepuscle was born. They began recording their debut album since 2010 and they managed to self-release it only four years later, in August 2014 after a lot of hard work! The album title is “Draconian Winter“, paying this way a small tribute to their beginning.    Read more

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SVARTBY unveil upcoming album details

SVARTBY - Swamp, My Neighbour

Russian fantasy folk metal band Svartby from Saint-Petersburg is revealing the first details of its upcoming album, entitled “Swamp, My Neighbour“. It is their fourth full-length album, recorded by Alexey Bolotov, who has recorded every release of Svartby since 2009, while mixing and mastering is by Hiili Hiilesma. “Swamp, My Neighbour” will be hopefully released in Autumn 2015 and the band is currently searching for a label. Svartby have already unveiled the cover artwork, by Dmitriy “Impaga” Isakevich, painted in the characteristic style of all their covers. Booklet design is by Ilya Novoselov. Album tracklist is also revealed, together with a brief summary of the lyrical concept…

1. Morbid Quag
2. Trojansk Råtta         Read more

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KARKAV reveal upcoming demo details

KARKAV - Winterfrost Karkav

Karkav is a new overseas Viking black metal band formed in February 2015 by Auztaroth (bass, keys, effects) from Poços de Caldas of Brazil, Funes (guitars, drums, effects) from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Hildr Valkyrie (screams and clean female vocals) from Athens, Greece. Karkav have announced the release of their debut demo “Winterfrost Karkav” in mid June 2015. The demo consists of 4 songs, speaking about cold winter winds and epic battles on blood stained snow covered landscapes. It includes a cover on Falkenbach’s “Baldurs Tod” and will be released in jewel acrylic CD-R by Infernal Rites Distro from Brazil. Karkav has revealed the album tracklist and the beautiful cover artwork painted by Auztaroth! You can get a first taste of “Winterfrost Karkav” demo by listening Read more

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WILL OF HATRED – Infinite Triumph’s Preface

WILL OF HATRED - Infinite Triumph's Preface

Origin: Russia
Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: MSR Productions
Year: 2015

Will of Hatred is a new “symphonic” black metal band from Moscow, Russia. It is the solo project of Damiena, who is the leader and creator of this project, composes all songs, writes all lyrics and performs all the vocals. There is not much info about the biography of Will of Hatred, or when exactly was this project formed, so their debut album really came out of nowhere. It is entitled “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” and was released on February 25, 2015 via the Russian label MSR Productions.        Read more

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FORGOTTEN WINTER unveil upcoming album details


Portuguese epic atmospheric black metal band Forgotten Winter is releasing its third full-length album, entitled “Vinda” on June 26th, 2015 through SlowDriver Productions. “Vinda” (“Coming” in English) starts an epic journey that marks the beginning of a new Era, with five atmospheric long songs full of orchestrations, tribal drums and choirs in Velmaer dialect (a fictional language) with Portuguese narration. A story between the battle of Men and Hastuvv, the destroyed city Uldene, the three moons, their Gods’ acts and the arrival of the wise Velmaer. “Vinda” will be released only digitally at first, but there are also thoughts for a physical release on CD later. The beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled.

1. Uldene           Read more

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ДРЕВЕНЬ reveal upcoming debut details

DREVEN - Under the Crown of the Eternal Tree

Russian pagan folk metal band Древень (Dreven) from Nizniy Novgorod will soon release its debut full-length album “Под Кроной Вечного Древа” via SoundAge Productions. The band was founded in 2012. The idea of the group’s name was the World Tree, which is present in the culture and traditions of the people of the world, a symbol of life, its continuation and revival. The creativity of Древень is an attempt to touch most of the roots and origins of Slavic cultures and the history of pagan Russia. In 2012 the band produced the first internet release demo album “Volnaya Staya“, recorded at their home studio. The upcoming debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Death Tone Studio (Arzamas city) by Anatoly “Barklay” Vladimirov (The Mutilator band). The cover of album is a work of Read more

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