PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH official video for “Marysia”

Polish extreme progressive folk metallers Percival Schuttenbach invite you to watch their new official music video for the single “Marysia“, promoting their upcoming album “Strzyga”.

Percival Schuttenbach official page
Percival Schuttenbach @ Facebook

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ATAVICUS released new single

ATAVICUS - L'Ardire Degli Avi

After the official release at Fosch Fest last Sunday, Italian epic pagan black metallers Atavicus from Abruzzo present their new song “L’Ardire Degli Avi“, in their official YouTube channel. It is an extract from their forthcoming album in promo edition. “L’Ardire Degli Avi” is also available in a hand-numbered physical CD edition, limited to 50 copies. The CD, which comes in slim jewel-case, contains also their 2015 single “L’Aquila e il Falco“, a cover song of the Italian pop rock band Pooh. The beautiful cover artwork is painted by Ant from Frentrum. If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy, you should contact the band directly.

1. L’Ardire Degli Avi (Promo Edit)            Read more

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BATTLE DAGORATH reveal upcoming album details

BATTLE DAGORATH - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos

After some silence, American / Swiss black metallers Battle Dagorath return with their fourth full-length album, an inspirational and evocative opus of eccentric black art entitled “Dark Dragons of the Cosmos”. It will be released on September 30th, 2016 on digipak edition CD via the Italian label Avantgarde Music and on double vinyl (this one in cooperation with Eisenwald from Germany). “Dark Dragons of the Cosmos” is part I of a two-part release, with part II coming later this year. You can already get a taste of the album in Avantgarde Music’s Bandcamp page, following the link below, where you can listen to the upcoming track “Phantom Horizons Beyond“.

1. From the Black Sun’s Fire – 03:12                    Read more

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NEGURĂ BUNGET unveil upcoming album details


Award-winning Transilvanian black metallers Negură Bunget from Romania are unveiling the details of their upcoming full-length album “ZI“, scheduled for release on September 30, 2016 via Prophecy Productions. “ZI” (English for Day or Say) is the second part of the group’s ambitious “Transilvanian Trilogy“, released on the heels of 2015′s celebrated album, “Tau” (English for Your or Thy), a record accurately hailed as “earthshaking” as it focused on unique native, natural landscapes and the mystique, legends, lore and meanings behind them. In creating its most luminescent recording to date, Negură Bunget has further immersed itself in the traditions and practices of local Transilvanian inhabitants, exploring their connection Read more

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OSSIFIC official video for “Water Carrier”

Canadian black metal band Ossific released the official video for the song “Water Carrier“. This single is the response to their album “…as Roots Burn” and will be a part of their upcoming full-length, due out in 2017. Video crafted by Shroud of Ossific.

Ossific will be be touring Europe in September-November 2016 supporting the legendary Negură Bunget on their 20th Anniversary tour.

Ossific @ Facebook
Ossific @ MySpace
Ossific @ Bandcamp

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SKALMÖLD unveil first details of upcoming album

SKALMOLD - Vogguvisur Yggdrasils

Iceland’s Viking metallers Skálmöld will release their fourth full-length album “Vögguvísur Yggdrasils” on September 30th 2016 via Napalm Records. The album title translates to “Lullabies of Yggdrasil” and holds 9 lullabies, one from each of the Nine Worlds of the heathen cosmology. The band has already unveiled the amazing cover art, made by Kristjan Lyngmo. Just you wait until you see the whole thing, his illustrations of the Nine Worlds. It is just incredible. A stunning, winding trip through Norse mythology awaits you on “Vögguvísur Yggdrasils” and the best travel guides are and will always be Skálmöld! Through their past three albums (their latest effort being Með vættum in 2014) the group has proven their expertise when it comes to Odin and his lot, but now Read more

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E-AN-NA reveal first details of debut EP

E-AN-NA - Jiana EP

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na from Sibiu will release their debut EP, entitled “Jiana“, on September 2016 and the time to reveal its first details has come. The upcoming EP will include 5 songs totally and its tracklist is already available. E-an-na have also just unveiled the cover artwork for “Jiana“, painted by the talented Moga Alexandru & Lili Moga of Kogaion Art. It is a really wonderful painting, fitting perfectly to their music!!! Several guest musicians will participate on this EP, but their identity remains a secret, for now. Stay tuned for more details!

1. Înşivă
2. Hora pe Furate             Read more

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BELENOS unveil upcoming album details

BELENOS - Kornog

French Celtic pagan black metallers Belenos will release with their 7th studio album, entitled “Kornôg” on September 9th 2016 via the German label Northern Silence Productions. After playing a lot of successful festival and club gigs during the last years, the band finally returns with a new album. ”Kornôg” is again sung in Breton and it is conceptually dealing with Brittany’s sea legends. The band stays true to its style, featuring 9 songs of their masterfully written and executed black and pagan metal for which they’re known since two decades. The first pressing of the CD comes as collectors edition in A5-digipak, limited to 1000 copies. Also available will be a regular version in jewel case. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled, together with an advance Read more

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