SIGH reveal upcoming album details

SIGH - Graveward

Two and a half years were required for Japanese metallers Sigh to finish up their 10th studio full-length album “Graveward“, which embraces everything from vintage keyboards such as Minimoog and Fender Rhodes to real orchestral instruments. Each song ended up in having more than 100 tracks and the total amount of the sound data exceeded 100GB. “Cinematic Horror Metal” should be the best phrase to describe this most layered grandiose album in Sigh’s history. Inspired by a little chat with Fabio Frizzi, well-known for his legendary works for Lucio Fulci’s movies like “The Gates of Hell” and “The Beyond“, “Graveward” was composed as a homage to Italian zombie flick classics, Hammer Horror Films, and King Diamond. Of course the musical influence is as wide as ever including Read more

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XVARHNAH release debut EP


Atmospheric doom black metal band Xvarhnah from Italy started out in 2014 as a duo, with founding members Æterna (vocals and lyrics, also in Nahabat, ex-Streben) and Veirg (guitars and bass, also in Suicide Emotions and Astray) sharing songwriting duties. Their debut release “Crown” is a 3-track EP, which sees Anamnesi (Simulacro, Absentia Lunae, Vultur) filling the empty slot behind drums. Although this is by no means representative of the future musical directions of the project, ”Crown” displays an atmospheric, doom-laden black metal sound with vocals ranging from harsh to clean. Lyrical themes are centered on spiritual elevation, dealt with from a human, emotional standpoint. The EP was released on February 25th, 2015 via Read more

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ARCTURUS sign to Prophecy and prepare new album

ARCTURUS - Arcturian

Norwegian legendary avant-garde metal band Arcturus has signed to Prophecy Productions in order to release its 5th full-length album entitled “Arcturian“. Unparalleled in creativity, musicianship and artistic approach since their foundation days, mastermind Steinar “Sverd” Johnsen and his cosmic crew consisting of past and present members of bands like Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar and Ved Buens Ende have been dancing their very own tightrope between genius and madness ever since. With each of their releases being an interstellar journey of its own, and always ahead of their time, Arcturus can justifiably be labelled as the epitome of avant-garde metal. “Arcturian” is Arcturus’ first studio album in ten years, and the announcement of its release may take many a fan by surprise. Read more

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WILL OF HATRED debut album is out

WILL OF HATRED - Infinite Triumph's Preface

Russian symphonic black metal project Will of Hatred has recently released its long-awaited debut album, entitled “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” via MSR Productions in digipak CD edition. Will of Hatred is the solo-project of Damiena (the creator of Will of Hatred, vocalist and leader). Music of Will of Hatred may be characterized as symphonic black metal, decorated with elements of classical music and magnificent combination of extreme vocal techniques (growling / screaming) and clean vocals. Lyrics of the project are based on dark fantasy themes with philosophical points, written in high-literary style. Every song from “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” is followed by excellent artworks, based on photos where Damiena Read more

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DRUDKH unveil upcoming album details

DRUDKH - A Furrow Cut Short

Ukrainian pagan black metallers Drudkh will release their new full-length album “A Furrow Cut Short” on April 20th 2015, via Season of Mist’s sub-label Underground Activists. With “A Furrow Cut Short“, Drudkh are continuing on the course charted with their previous release “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” from 2012, where the black and bleak sound of the band’s roots seemed to overshadow the progressive and lighter tone of 2010′s “Handful of Stars“. Mastermind Roman Sayenko is heavily drawing inspiration from 20th century Ukrainian poetry once more, which often deals with the bloody struggle of this old country to build a nation from foreign oppression. Drudkh still refuse any kind of interview or promotion and Read more

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NEGURĂ BUNGET official video for “Schimnicește”

Transilvanian black metal band Negură Bunget from Romania has just released the second official video from their upcoming full-length album “Tau”, which will be out by Prophecy Productions on February 27th, 2015. It is for “Schimnicește“, the closing song of the album.

Schimnicește” focuses on the solitude of the mountain top. Close to the skies everything’s pure, stern. The video was Read more

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ELFFOR announce 3 upcoming releases

ELFFOR - Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Spanish atmospheric epic ambient black metal band Elffor has announced the release of 3 new works in 2015! The first one is the best of / rarities / unreleased songs compilation “Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma“, the perfect way to celebrate 20 years of blood, hatred and obscure sound! It will be released via Fallen Angels Productions in March 2015, on a double CD limited to 1.000 copies. Except for the jewel-case edition, “Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma” will be also available in a leather box edition, limited to 50 copies. Cover artwork, album tracklist and a video teaser are already unveiled. Furthermore, on June 2015, Elffor will self-release their 7th full-length album, entitled “Malkhedant“, including four Read more

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RISE OF AVERNUS reveal upcoming EP details

RISE OF AVERNUS - Dramatis Personae

Australian orchestral progressive doom metallers Rise of Avernus from Sydney have returned with their new offering, the “Dramatis Personæ” EP. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut album, “L’Appel du Vide” and touring around Australia in support of bands like Enslaved, Apocalyptica, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Prong, Rise of Avernus have chosen to release an EP that focuses on the heavier aspects that their debut album offered, while still maintaining the core doom and orchestral elements that the band has become renown for. Their latest EP, spanning a total running time of 30 minutes with 5 epic tracks, showcases the band’s new and reinvigorated line-up, taking their unique blend of doom, progressive and death metal infused with monumental orchestral scores to a whole new level.         Read more

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