Origin: Poland
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal Symphonic Death Metal
Label: Icaros Records
Year: 2012

Devilish Impressions is a Polish black/death metal band being active since 2000. They self-released their debut album “Plurima Mortis Imago” in 2005 and three years later they released “Diabolicanos – Act III: Armageddon” via Conquer Records. The band got great feedback, especially from the local press, but I haven’t listened to these albums, except for a few excerpts. After a 4 year absence and several line-up changes, the band signed with the new label Icaros and their third full-length album was released in March 2012, entitled “Simulacra”.

From the first moments of the album it is obvious we have to deal with a very professional band and an exceptional production! Devilish Impressions have a top-notch crystal clear sound and all the “technical” skills they need for this genre. They play a mixture of symphonic black metal and modern technical death metal and I have to admit they are really good at what they do. There are times when their music is more brutal, with an rhythmic aggressive death metal approach and times when their melodic black metal side takes the lead. These changes make their music very interesting and the band is equally good in all these styles. Their guitars are very powerful, especially their rhythmic riffs and the synths sound very bombastic when needed. Their vocalist Quazarre (also on Asgaard, Crionics) does as always an excellent job in the vocals. Except for his enraged brutal black / death metal screams, he also sings a few times with his amazing clean vocals, which I value among the best of this genre. Quazarre also plays guitars and composes all music and lyrics of “Simulacra” (all in English). The album contains 9 songs and lasts for almost 40 minutes, but its complex compositions make it seem much longer!

I am sure this album can go really good if it gets the promotion and distribution it deserves. If you are into modern black/death metal with a symphonic touch, then Devilish Impressions is a band you can’t miss. “Simulacra” is released in a fantastic 3-winged digipak, along with 16-pages booklet. The digipak comes with embossed both the logo and the statues of the front cover. The amazing artworks are created by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc (known for his works with Nile, Kamelot, Vader, Necrophagist, etc.). There are also guest appearances from Orion (Behemoth, Vesania), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) and Roman Bereźnicki (Lecter) as well as session synth / samples / fx appearance by Flumen (Asgaard) and Lestath (METransmissionAL). You can visit the links in order to get a taste of their music on your own.


Rating:  (9/10)

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