AHAB release their 3rd full-length “The Giant” on May 25 via Napalm Records

AHAB - The Giant

AHAB braves the seas for a third time to deliver their unique brand of “nautik” doom metal to their fans and draw them down into the depths of the ocean and the human psyche. Their new album is entitled “The Giant” and will be released by Napalm Records on May 25 2012. While the band’s previous releases took on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, as well as the tragic fate of the crew on the whaling vessel “Essex”, they now turn to Edgar Allan Poe’s solitary novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket for inspiration. The story comes to life within the musical confines of “The Giant“. The songs are long in duration and turn into miniature epic tales embellished by hypnotic and heavy doom riffs, brutal vocals, but also melodic moments that include clean vocal interludes. Those who chose to dive into this monolithic album will surely be rewarded with an extraordinary musical experience that will further confirm the band’s top status.

It will be available in the following formats:
- Ltd first edition digipack including Bonus Track + Free AHAB “The Giant” Patch.
- Ltd to 300 Gatefold copies in MARBLED White/Black 180 gram vinyl incl. 2 bonus tracks.
- Ltd to 500 Gatefold copies in BLACK 180 gram heavy vinyl incl. 2 bonus tracks.

1. Further South
2. Aeons Elapse
3. Deliverance (Shouting at the Dead)
4. Antarctica the Polymorphess
5. Fathoms Deep Below
6. The Giant
7. Time’s like Molten Lead (Bonus Track)
8. Evening Star (Exclusive LP Bonus Track)

Napalm Records


One Response to AHAB release their 3rd full-length “The Giant” on May 25 via Napalm Records

  1. Great description of this amazing band’s music. Ahab is already a giant in doom metal. I can’t wait for their 3rd album!

    From their worship hymn to the Pacific Ocean:

    “Oh, ye great mysterious – Thousand leagues of blue
    No one knows which mysteries are hidden
    Beneath your surface
    Your awful stirrings seem to speak of some
    hidden soul beneath
    The waves rise and fall
    Millions of mixed shades and shadows
    Lie dreaming and silent…”

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