HELROTH – Wataha (EP)

HELROTH - Wataha

Origin: Poland
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Helroth is a new folk metal band from Warsaw, Poland. They were formed in 2012 by Martha, Zapor and Ernest (3 ex-members of the Polish folk metallers Vecordia), who wanted a heavier twist in their music. Their line-up grew with 3 more members and as a 6-piece band they started recording their first songs in 2013. After the release of a 3-track demo, the band started touring and on September 2013 they added two more songs and self-released their first EP, entitled “Wataha“.   

I have to admit that Helroth’s debut was much better than what I expected. This 5-track EP lasts for a little over 24 minutes, but it’s more than enough to give us a complete idea of their music. They play folk metal with pagan and extreme metal elements. Heavy, powerful and melodic guitars, combined with various acoustic traditional instruments and many vocal types. They use really beautiful fiddles and enchanting flutes, full of wonderful melodies that have stuck in my head! Their vocals are amazing and they are very correct in every style they sing, from brutal black metal screams, to epic folk clean male and female vocals and choirs, all combined harmonic. Except for their wonderful compositions, they have also a quite clear sound, with a very satisfying production for a first effort, making things even better for them! They move fluently from slow atmospheric acoustic parts and melodic folk metal, to folk pagan black metal outbursts, making everything seem so natural and spontaneous, something that requires great musicianship and skills! Each song is different, but with the same atmosphere and quality, something very important. Their songs have lyrics in Polish, except for “Silitian Tale” in English and they are speaking about paganism, Slavonic culture, myths and legends.

Helroth have managed to “build” very early a personal sound and their debut EP has a unique atmosphere, like a dark folklore fairytale. If you are into folk metal, I strongly advise you to give them a listen. For me it is one of the best folk pagan metal works I’ve listened to recently and I eagerly await something longer from them. “Wataha” is self-released by the band, but it comes in a very nice digipak with 8-page booklet illustrated by Adam Kłosek. It is limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies, so if you want one you better harry up. You can visit their official pages below for more info, sound details, or to contact the band if interested in getting the CD.


Rating:  (9,5/10)

Helroth official page
Helroth @ Facebook


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