NAKKIGA – Amerasu

NAKKIGA - Amerasu

Origin: Spain
Genre: Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Darkwoods Nigra Mors
Year: 2013

Nakkiga is a quite old Spanish black metal from Amurrio in the province of Álava, of the Basque Country. They’ve been around since 1999, but it was only 2010 when they released their first full-length album “Belebeltzeta” via Nigra Mors. Before the debut album though, they had released 3 demos and 2 split albums. In 2012 they released the EP “R’lyeh” and a split 7″ with Omendark. On January 2013 Nakkiga released their second full-length album “Amerasu“, a co-release between Darkwoods and Nigra Mors.            

Amerasu” is a concept album based on the epic fantasy trilogy “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn” by the American writer Tad Williams. It’s from the same books that the band took its name. The album includes only 5 songs, but the closing track is 16 minutes long, divided into 3 parts, so “Amerasu” lasts totally for a little over 40 minutes. Nakkiga play raw black metal with melodic pagan black metal touches and an underground sound. Raw distorted guitars with epic and melodic riffs carry out most of their melodies, since synths have an atmospheric background role. The addition of beautiful melodic acoustic guitars in several parts helped them have a richer and more epic sound. Their vocals are really extreme black metal growls and screams, with a few clean male narrations, all sung in Euskera, the ancestral language of the Basque people, adding a unique “twist” in the album’s epic melancholic atmosphere. Unluckily the lyrics are not included in the CD booklet. Their music is quite versatile for the genre, moving from slow and mid tempo to faster rhythms. The album might be a concept one, but Nakkiga managed to compose very distinct songs, each one with its own identity and at the same time under a common overall atmosphere.

Nakkiga is for sure a very good band. Raw old school pagan black metal is a genre, where purity and austerity are basic characteristics, leaving almost no room for experiments. So it’s not easy to listen to something fresh or “original” anymore and the feeling of repetition is almost inevitable. “Amerasu” is a very well composed and perfectly played work, with a personal character and a great balance between aggression and melody, totally recommended to the fans of the genre. It is released by Darkwoods and Nigra Mors in a standard jewel-case edition with an 8-page booklet printed in matte paper. The all black & white artwork is another characteristic work of Igor Mugerza, a self-taught artist with a very personal style and the layout is by el dios perezoso for PuertaOskura. Since there are no official pages of the band, if you are interested you can visit their label’s webshop.


Rating:  (8/10)



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