ZINUMM reveal new album details

ZINUMM - Beltaine

Spanish experimental ambient folk black metal band Z I N V M M from Granada is adding the final touches to its second full-length album, entitled “Beltaine“, which is scheduled for release on February 2014 via Darkwoods Records. “Beltaine” will include 10 songs, sounding very different compared to the debut album “Zinumm” from 2010, with more complex compositions and more dark folk sounds. There will be also some great collaborations with musicians like Stuart Estell from the band ORE, or Marco Serato from the band Orthodox. The band has unveiled the brilliant artwork by the talented photographer Oana Marchis. The album tracklist is already available, as well as the track “Belenos” that you can listen in their official Bandcamp page.

1. I M B O L C
2. S A M O S                              
3. U I S N E A C H
4. O I D C H E
5. M A Y A D A M A
7. B E L E N O S
8. B E L T A I N E
9. L U G H
10. L U G N A S A D

Zinumm official page
Zinumm @ Facebook
Zinumm @ Bandcamp


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