BLACK VELVET BAND release debut album

BLACK VELVET BAND - Piesni Oblakane

Polish folk metallers Black Velvet Band from Lublin have just released their debut full-length album called “Pieśni Obłąkane“, today the 2nd of December 2013. The band was formed in 2008 and released its first single “Pieśń Kruka” in 2011, followed by the 3-track EP “Black Velvet Band” in 2012. The full-length album “Pieśni Obłąkane“, which translates to “Mad Hymns“, was recorded from April 2013 to October 2013 in Warthog Studio by Paweł “Hoodee” Chyła. The album is already available in their Bandcamp page as digital download and in the following days it will also be released by the band in a jewel-case CD edition with 12-page booklet.

Tracklist (with English translations):
1. Śpisz Jak Kamień (Sleeping Like A Stone)
2. Banita (Exile)                 
3. O Czterech Dziadach i Cholerze (About a 4 Duffers and Cholera)
4. Wiedźma (The Witch)
5. Zatańcz (Let’s Dance)
6. Moja Siła (My Force)
7. Od Serca Ku Niebu (From Heart To The Skies)
8. Szczurołap (The Pied Piper)
9. Jechali Kozacy (Cossack’s Rode)
10. Marzannie (To Marzanna)
11. Wesele (The Wedding)

Line-up which recorded that album:
Xymena – lead vocals, violin
Jaromir – lead vocals
Marcin – acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandola, wind instruments, backing vocals
Darek – electric guitars, didgeridoo, mandolin, banjo, flutes, wind instruments
Flavio – bass, backing vocals
Jarek – drums

and guest musicians:
Magda – flutes in “Zatańcz” & “Szczurołap
Kuba, Alex, Norbi – back vocals in “Szczurołap
Hoodee – guitar solo in “Moja Siła“, additional guitars in “Banita

Black Velvet Band @ Facebook
Black Velvet Band @ Bandcamp


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