SVARGA and DRYGVA release split EP


Two great folk pagan metal bands, Сварга (Svarga) from Russia and Дрыгва (Drygva) from Belarus decided to join forces and compose two special collaborative songs. These two songs “В Пасти Новой Войны” and “Вольница” which translate to “In the Jaws of a New War” & “Freemen” were initially released as digital singles in 2010 and 2011, but they will be finally released as a compilation miniCD with entirely new artwork. The CD will be published via Sublimity Records (a Metalism Records sub-label) in a limited numbered edition of 125 factory pressed copies on the 21st of December 2013. Υou can stream both of songs at their label’s Bandcamp page.

1. В Пасти Новой Войны ( 05:57)                    
2. Вольница ( 05:18 )

Svarga @ Facebook
Svarga @ VK
Svarga @ Bandcamp
Drygva @ Facebook
Drygva @ VK


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