DIES ATER unveil new album cover artwork and tracklist

DIES ATER - Hunger for Life

DIES ATER are now unveiling the cover artwork for their much anticipated new studio album “Hunger for Life” set to be released in Summer 2012 via Obscure Abhorrence Prod. This will be the 5th full-length album for the German black metallers 5 years after their previous work “Odium’s Spring“. There will be 9 tracks, 2 of them with German lyrics and a very unique, hypnotic instrumental song. Furthermore the band announces the participation of 2 well known guest vocalists.

The album’s artwork was designed by Phillipp S. Neundorf.

1. Autumnus XCIV
2. Blutpfad
3. Dies Ater
4. Hunger for Life
5. Banisher in Times of Light
6. Branded With a Cross
7. Edge to Oblivion
8. Funeral March
9. Burn a Fire

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