VALTYR – Veriset Saagat

VALTYR - Veriset Saagat

Origin: Italy
Genre: Epic Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: Nartum Music Projects
Year: 2013

Valtyr is the second personal project of Nartum from Bari, Italy. Nartum’s music projects started in 2008 with Ymir, a black metal band that evolved into space ambient black metal. With Ymir, Nartum released a demo in 2008 and his first album ever, “Tumults in the Absence” in 2010, which was re-released in digipak edition in 2013. Valtyr was formed in 2011, as a Viking black metal band, with which Nartum wanted to pay homage to bands like Falkenbach and Moonsorrow. Valtyr’s debut full-length album was released in 2011. In 2013 he started his third project Emyn Muil, a Tolkien inspired epic fantasy black metal band and the same year he self released the debut album “Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga“, an album that will be re-released on February 14, 2014 via Northern Silence Productions. He has already 2 more projects under construction!

Veriset Saagat” is not a new album. It is actually the debut album of Valtyr, remastered with a cover on Kampfar’s “Troll” as bonus track. The original album includes 6 tracks plus an instrumental intro and together with the bonus song its total duration is 44 minutes. The music is epic Viking black metal with folk elements and direct references to the great bands of the genre (mostly Falkenbach though), as well as some personal elements. Valtyr are not redefining the genre, but their music is really beautiful and they are by far my favorite Nartum project so far. Rhythmic and melodic distorted guitars are combined with epic synths, acoustic guitars, folk instruments and various vocals, ranging from black metal screams to epic clean male vocals. The band is at the same time aggressive and melodic, with a wonderful balance between its extreme metal elements and its epic folk nature! The production could be better and their sound more “natural”, but on the other hand it fits perfectly to the atmosphere and aesthetic of their music. The bonus track “Troll” doesn’t add anything to the album in my opinion, but it’s a welcome “gift”. The lyrics are taken from Norse poems and they are written in English, dealing of course with Viking mythological themes. Unluckily they are not included in the CD.

Valtyr have released a wonderful album, showing deep respect to the bands that created the genre, revealing at the same time Nartum’s amazing composing skills. I really hope he will release more works with Valtyr, even if I don’t think this is his priority…  Anyway, if you are into epic Viking metal you shouldn’t miss this album! “Veriset Saagat” remastered edition is self-released by Nartum Music Projects in a hand-made digipak CD. All graphic layout is by Nartum himself and the album can be purchased directly by the band. You can visit Nartum’s official profiles on Facebook below for more info about his projects and contact details. I hope that after Emyn Muil, a label will show interest for this gem too!


Rating: Rating 9-10 (9/10)

Valtyr @ Facebook
Nartum Music Projects @ Facebook


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  1. Just downloaded the album (it’s also available as a free download, found the link on the facebook page), sounds really sweet. I may purchase the album Smilie: :)

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