SVARTBY release new EP

SVARTBY - Karl's Egg Farm

Russian folk metallers Svartby have just released the digital 2-track EP “Karl’s Egg Farm” as an appetizer to their upcoming full-length album. Svartby is a band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia that plays vivid, merry and brutal folk-metal in Swedish and English. Their lyrics tell about wild magical creatures living in ‘Svartby’ (the fictional Black Village) – witches, imps, dwarfs – definitely unkind to human folk, but at the same time merry, nature-loving and nice living beings with a good sense of humor. So, “Karl’s Egg Farm” is a small EP, where the band explores the theme of quagmires and wretched swamp creatures, introducing the Swamp to you. The EP has the same status as “Scum from Underwater“, as both of its songs will be later presented again at the next “swamp” album. The wonderful artwork is by Dmitriy Isakevich and you can stream both songs for free in their Bandcamp page.

1. Karl’s Egg Farm  ( 03:22 )
2. Morbid Quag  ( 03:38 )

Gnofkes – vocals
Lindwurm – guitars
Humla – guitars
aZ – bass
Giftsvamp – keyboards, lyrics

Guest musicians:
Alexey Kovalyov (Exhumation band) – drums

Svartby official page
Svartby @ Facebook
Svartby @ VK
Svartby @ Bandcamp


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  1. Love the artwork Smilie: :)

    The music is interesting, kinda makes me think of Korpiklaani with a russian feel Smilie: :)

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