PANYCHIDA release new album

PANYCHIDA - Grief for an Idol

Czech pagan black metallers Panychida from Plzeň have just released their third full-length album “Grief for an Idol“. The new album was released on CD as a result of cooperation between Paragon Records, Cursed Records and Werewolf Productions on December 21st, 2013. Panychida were founded in 2004, inspired from old legends and different philosophical sources. Soon after recording the first album, a contract with German Folter Records was signed. During the years and after 2 full length and one EP, Panychida became one of the leading Czech pagan black metal, black´n´roll bands. The new record “Grief for an Idol” takes it all one step further. It comes with a 16-page booklet in jewel case edition with the great artwork by Moonroot Art. It was recorded at Hellsound studio, Čestice, Czech Republic between July and November 2013 by Honza Kapák and was mixed and mastered at the same place until the 10th November 2013.

1. Dance of the Fiery Stars
2. Two Untouched Moments
3. Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)
4. Wayfarer’s Awakening
5. Don’t Tell Lies to Children
6. Doomsayer
7. O Veliji Vezě
8. The Great Dance of Dionysus
9. Love Bombing
10. Minnestund
11. Perchta

Vlčák – lead vocals, backing vocals.
Sinneral – guitars, programming, backing vocals.
Honza V. – guitars, lead clean vocals on “Krasatina”, “The Great Dance of Dionysus”, narration on “Don’t Tell Lies to Children“, backing vocals.
Talic – bass, lead vocals on “O Veliji Vezě“.
Honza Kapák – drums, guitars, lead vocals on “Two Untouched Moments“.

Very special guests:
V’ganðr (of Helheim / Taake) – lead vocals on “Minnestund”.
Helča Petráková – bagpipes, flutes.
Lukáš Pavlovský – choirs.
Ladislav Šinkmajer – czech narration on “Perchta“.

Panychida official page
Panychida @ Facebook
Panychida @ Bandcamp


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