WILDERNESSKING upcoming EP details


Rock-infused progressive atmospheric black metal band Wildernessking from Cape Town, South Africa will release a new 3-track EP “The Devil Within” on January 13th 2014. The 19-minutes EP will be released independently on CD. It will be also released on vinyl via the local South African label Roastin’ Records. The band wanted to write conventionally structured songs, as well as touch on some new ground. You can hear it’s Wildernessking but there’s some new direction being hinted at. Lyrically, it’s a juxtaposition of man and the devil (the individual in man). The band is already working on its next full-length album, scheduled for release mid-year, where all they’ve done before will be explored more intensely. The Devil Within” tracklist and amazing cover artwork by Pierre Perichaud are revealed.

1. Lurker
2. Flesh
3. The Devil Within

Wildernessking official page
Wildernessking @ Facebook
Wildernessking @ Bandcamp


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