THUNDRA re-release “Angstens Salt”

THUNDRA - Angstens Salt

Norwegian black metallers Thundra have announced the re-release of their fourth full-length album “Angstens Salt“. Their new album, that was initially self-released via their own label, Black Dimension Records, will be officially re-released on 28th of March 2014 by the German label Einheit Produktionen, the same label that released their previous work “Ignored by Fear“. Thundra, who feature in their ranks former members of Einherjer and Enslaved, decided to do everything themselves this time, the recording, production, etc. And as they state: “we’re never been more exited and satisfied with a release, as this one“.

1. Discipline Made For Destruction ( 08:21 )
2. Silence Welcomed ( 08:03 )                               
3. Tired Soul ( 07:23 )
4. Angstens Salt ( 06:44 )
5. Despise The Masquerade ( 08:34 )
6. Purpose ( 09:37 )
7. Faded Lights ( 08:09 )

Thundra official page
Thundra @ Facebook
Thundra @ Bandcamp


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