THY WORSHIPER reveal new album details

THY WORSHIPER - Czarna Dzika Czerwien

Exceptional and unique Polish/Irish pagan metal act Thy Worshiper’s third studio album “Czarna Dzika Czerwien” (“Black Savage RedSmilie: ;), is set to be released on February 18th 2014 via Pagan Records. Featuring 9 new songs and reaching nearly 47 minutes of total length, “Czarna Dzika Czerwien” is a multi-layered hybrid of pagan metal, tribal folk, Celtic music, black metal, but always different from the standard templates. There is a very ritualistic feeling to these songs, added to considerably by tribal drums, female vocals, driving percussion, unorthodox instruments, etc. Unique and utterly absorbing statement from a band bounded by no rules. The album was produced at Westland Studios in Dublin, Ireland. “Czarna Dzika Czerwien” will be available in digipak edition CD as well as standard jewel case CD, both with with astounding design by Anna Malarz. It will be also available in digital formats. Other versions, including tape and vinyl will follow later. The band has revealed the album tracklist and an official video trailer that you can watch below.

1. Piach
2. Czarny
3. Deszcz
4. Drzewa
5. Żniwa
6. Wiatr
7. Na Pohybel
8. Ogień
9. Zima

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