PERENNIAL ISOLATION reveal debut album news and teaser

PERENNIAL ISOLATION - Conviction of Voidness

Spanish atmospheric black metallers Perennial Isolation from Barcelona, have inked a deal with Darkwoods for the release of their debut full-length album “Conviction of Voidness” on February 12th 2014. Perennial Isolation were formed in 2012 and released the 4-track EP “Uncertainty” in 2013, which you can listen in their Bandcamp page. They play intense and powerful black metal, full of feelings, nature, magic and mysticism. A music absolutely true to the origins of the genre, where raw and melody are combined in a mastery way in order to create an outstanding atmosphere of nostalgia and melancholy… You can watch the official album trailer below to get a first taste of their debut album. The band has also revealed the cover artwork and album tracklist.

1. Waterfalls from Nothing                        
2. Majestic Void
3. My Last Journey to Nowhere
4. The Wheel of Desolated Madness
5. Lost in the Mist
6. Narayama
7. The Wind Comes from Aokigahara
8. Prelude to Voidness

Perennial Isolation @ Facebook
Perennial Isolation @ Bandcamp



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