FESKARN released new album

FESKARN - Ostra Aros

Swedish folk Viking metal band Feskarn from Uppsala has just released its second full-length album “Östra Aros” via the German label Pesttanz Klangschmiede. Formed in 2010 by Niklas Larsson, the sole member of the band, Feskarn released its debut album “Raise Your Swords” in 2012. The new album contains songs more aggressive than before, still with epic Viking melodies. Slower parts with pure viking singing, combined with growls and better mouth-harp sounds. “Östra Aros” contains 12 songs plus a bonus-track and its lyrical concept is about Vikings, battles and drinks. The album is officially released on February 1st 2014.

01. Oden’s Path
02. Two Minutes in the Darkness              
03. Birka Warriors
04. Träskfolket’s Supvisa
05. In the Mist of Fate
06. Winterland
07. Öl Visan (Album Version)
08. Dark Emotions (Album Version)
09. Livet I Norden
10. Östra Aros
11. Legion Remains
12. Drinking in the Name of Walhalla
13. Bonustrack: Too Many Beers

Feskarn @ Facebook
Feskarn – Östra Aros @ Bandcamp


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