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Epic symphonic fantasy blackened metallers Númenor from Serbia have released last year their debut full-length album “Colossal Darkness”. The band was born in 2009 and had released various EPs, before their official debut, some of them including older material. Their founding member Despot Marko Miranović will help us found more about this great band.

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- Hello Marko. Congratulations for your great debut. Númenor were formed back in 2009, risen from the ashes of the band Esgaroth. Since you are the only remaining member and also a founder of Esgaroth, I’d like to ask you about your first metal steps! What do you remember from 2004 when you started Esgaroth?

Hello Dimitris! Well, to be honest, I cannot recall that much. I remember some steps like first shows in 2005 or first recording sessions in 2006 but that’s all. And also, I remember some mistakes. I am more remembering times with Númenor, not only because it was just two years ago, but it was more serious with Númenor, more productive and less stressful.

- You released 2 EPs with this band. For how long was the band active and what made you stop them? How would you describe their music?

Esgaroth was active from 2004-2009 and I have done many live shows with the band during 2005 and 2006. We recorded two EPs in 2006 and 2009. What we did in 2006 was closer to black metal, but EP from 2009 is completely different; it was a journey though several styles, a trip from brutal death metal with epic touch to pure symphonic metal music without any extreme elements. I think that the songs from 2009 are indeed interesting and unique.

- In 2009 Númenor were born. You had the same line-up with Esgaroth. What made you change the band’s name? Was it only a name change, or a musical redirection?

I dismiss all old members and start to search for new ones and already in 2010 the lineup was completed and the same lineup has stayed until today with the core of three of us: Vladimir, Srđan and me. So, there’s a difference between Esgaroth and Numenor. I like to call Esgaroth embryonic phase.

- Since 2009 you have release many EPs, singles and split albums. Would you like to give us some information about any of them? How different are these releases compared to your new album?

I do not take these releases so officially; I just wanted to present my earlier musical career with them and that’s all. People should focus themselves on ”Colossal Darkness”. There are two songs that I have recorded in 2006 and two from 2009, when the band was still called Esgaroth.

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- Finally your new album was out last summer. I know it was ready a long time before, but you waited until you signed a deal with Stygian Crypt Productions. How different are things for you with a label?

Actually we were having a talk with several labels just afterwards the record was released and we had several offers from here and there, but, after some consultations we decided to sign for Stygian Crypt. There were some delays, but I was very patient since I know that things will work fine with Stygian Crypt and I am happy with the final result. Of course when the band has a serious label people are also looking at band more seriously, with more respect so to say.

- I personally liked “Colossal Darkness” much more than your previous works. How would you describe its music? What are the differences from your previous works?

Of course it was easier to compose and create ”Colossal Darkness” with such great and experienced musicians as Vladimir and Srdjan. Several years earlier, when I have worked with other people it was harder and this is really long story, but now things are working really fine, so I am not thinking so much about the past; we are focusing only towards our close future and regal plans.

- Your lyrics are based on fantasy literature. Is “Colossal Darkness” a concept album? Would you like to give as a general (or detailed) idea about the lyrics?

The lyrics are based on various novels. Three songs (“The Eternal Champion“, “While the Gods Laugh” and “The Sailor on the Seas of FateSmilie: ;) are based on Michael Moorcock’s novels. ”Hour of the Dragon” is based on Robert E.Howard novel while ”The Alchemist’‘ was based on Lovecraft story. ”Chronomancer” is based on Ivan Marković book. But, also the lyrics could have the general ”message” like ”The Sailor on the Seas of Fate”. On the next album there will be some Tolkien based lyrics with suitable music as well.

- Are you satisfied with the final result, after all this waiting? What is the feedback you got so far, both from press and fans?

Yes, I am very satisfied. It seems that even after 4 months after the album was released, there are still reviews and interviews coming. Our label Stygian Crypt has done quite nice job when it comes to promotion and distribution plus the quality of printing of CDs and booklet is indeed great. Each day we receive positive feedback and we’re getting more and more followers and fans of our music.

- Many symphonic fantasy epic bands are mostly studio projects. Is Númenor one of them, or do you plan any live appearances to promote your music? How different is / will be the band on stage?

Actually, this is the main difference between Númenor and many other epic and symphonic black metal bands. Unfortunately most of them are just studio projects with one or two records, with programmed drums, with PC productions etc. We are already planning to have some shows in 2014 on various metal and fantasy festivals and meetings.

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- I’ve read that you are already working on the second full-length album! Is it too early to reveal any info about it?

Yes, we are already working on the second full-length. The working title is ”Sword and Sorcery”. Musically and lyrically speaking it will be sequel to our debut ”Colossal Darkness”.

- Will the band continue at the same epic fantasy symphonic style in the future, or are there any thoughts for musical redirection and experimentation with other genres?

We will surely continue, more or less, with the same style. Of course, there could be some innovations here and there, but the basic idea to create symphonic and epic music will surely prevail!

- You also the founder and editor in chief of Metal Sound webzine, TV & Radio Show. Would you like to share some info about it?

I started Metal Sound Magazine during 2006. Later I had one TV show and radio show. Today Metal Sound exist as very active English written webzine with lots of reviews, interviews, news, live reports etc. When it comes to Metal Sound I am doing very serious job alongside with my long time friend Slobodan Trifunović.

- Are there any interesting bands from the Serbian scene you’d like to recommend?

There are several good bands from here, like Khargash and Sakramentum. But the main problem still remains: most of Serbian bands have released only one album and then they just disappear, never to return.

- Most of Númenor members are also in other bands too. Would you like to give us some info about any of them? Is Númenor your main project, or do you see it as a side project?

Númenor stands as a band of mine, so this is my only musical journey /project. But Srdjan has his own band Alogia (very popular here in Serbia), where Vladimir also plays keyboards. So, originally Vladimir and Srdjan come from band Alogia.

- Thank you very much for your time and wish you all the best. Last words are yours!

I would like to thank you for the support and interview and I would like to send greetings to our fans all over the world!

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