STILLE VOLK reveal new album details and video teaser

STILLE VOLK - La Peira Negra

French Celtic medieval band Stille Volk from Pyrénées has announced the release of its sixth full-length studio album “La Pèira Negra“. The new album will be out in May 2014 by Holly Records, 20 (!) years after the band’s birth and 5 years after their previous work “Nueit de Sabbat“. “La Pèira Negra” will have 9 songs, including a cover on Mercyful Fate’s “Come to the Sabbath“. Several guest musicians participated (Barbarian Pipe Band, Gae Bolg and Didier Bignalet) that have provided exemplary work to make this new album a real orgy-mineral, exploring all the intricacies of pagan and primal music: epic, tortured melodic declamation, hypnotic, powerful mystic… Stille Volk have revealed the album tracklist, the cover artwork and a video teaser that you can watch below.

1. Dementis Maudiçon
2. Sous l’oeil de la Lune                     
3. l’éveil du Spectre
4. La Pèira Negra
5. Litanie du Pétrifié
6. Forêt Gorgone
7. Heaume de Lichen
8. En Occulz
9. Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover)

Lafforgue – vocals, hurdy gurdy and other strings instruments
Roques – nyckelharpa, guitars and other string instruments
Sarg – guitars
Arexis – percussions, voices

Barbarian Pipe band -  percussions, bagpipe
Gae Bolg – trumpet, orgue, voices
Biganlet – bass

Stille Volk official page
Stille Volk @ Facebook


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