GOTLAND debut album details

GOTLAND - Gloria et Morte

After years of hard work and constant effort, Italian pagan black metallers Gotland will give birth to their first full-length album, entitled “Gloria et Morte“. The band’s debut album will be finally available on February 15th 2014, presenting a pagan metal drenched in black, death and folk metal. The symphonic aspect is carefully tended by EG Orkan and Hoskuld, who have composed the orchestral bases, and Dario Aleina Mecca (who recorded for the previous EP entitled “Behind the Horizon” ) has made it highly realistic. The album was recorded between June and October 2013. Mixing and mastering were done at the Alarm Studio of Alessio Sogno, in Turin. The album is self-produced by the band, who has unveiled the cover artwork, the album tracklist and an official video for the song “Gloria et Morte” that you can watch below.

1. Proelium Aeternus – intro                               
2. Courage to Die
3. A New Reign
4. Adrianopoli
5. Guta Saga
6. Gloria et Morte
7. Heroic Eternity
8. Slaves ov the Empire
9. Tenebrae in Urbe
10. From Ashes to a New Era – Outro
11. The Spiritlord (Windir cover)

Gotland official page
Gotland @ Facebook


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