MIASTHENIA reveal upcoming album details

MIASTHENIA - Legados do Inframundo

Pagan black metal band Miasthenia from Brasília, Brasil is ready to release its 4th full-length album, entitled “Legados do Inframundo“. It will be out by Misanthropic Records and Mutilation Productions and it is expected to launch between 10 and 17 March 2014. A limited to 300 vinyls edition is also planned for May. The album is inspired by the mythological cosmology of Ancient Mayas. It is a journey to Xibalba, the underworld gods of death, the kingdom of darkness and pain. It will also include a bonus track from their debut album “XVI” from 2000. The band has unveiled the album artwork and tracklist and has released the official video for the song “Entronizados na Morte“, where you can get a taste of their music. “Legados do Inframundo” is already available for pre-order in their label’s e-stores.

1. Deusas Funebres
2. Saga ao Xibalba                        
3. Entornizados na Morte
4. Sacerdote – Jaguar
5. Tok Yah
6. 13 Ahav Katun
7. Senhores do Mitnal
8. Legados do Inframundo
9. Onde Sangram Pagao Memoriais (Bonus)

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