EPHEL DUATH announce release date, cover artwork and tracklist of the new EP

EPHEL DUATH - On Death and Cosmos

On Death and Cosmos” is the title chosen by avantgarde metal band Ephel Duath for their upcoming EP being released through Agonia Records. Release dates have been set as June 21 in Europe and August 14th in the United States. Cover artwork of the new EP was created by visionary French artist Dehn Sora. “On Death and Cosmos” is a 20 minute mini concept EP that develops through three songs: “Black Prism“, “Raqia” and “Stardust Rain“, creating some of the most intense and mournful music Ephel Duath has ever offered.

The main lyrics line is about death and abandonment, loss and self- transforming will: a dive into the darkness, that can reveal a new birth in light.

1. Black Prism
2. Raqia
3. Stardust Rain

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