ODR – Il Ponte del Diavolo (EP)

ODR - Il Ponte del Diavolo

Origin: Italy
Genre: Folk Black Metal Folk Death Metal
Label: Nemeton Records
Year: 2014

Folk black death metallers Odr from Turin, Italy have finally released their debut work. This new band was formed in 2012, taking their name from the Norse mythological god Óðr. They began as a 3-piece band and eventually expanded their line-up to 5 members. Soon they started recording the 5-track EP “Il Ponte del Diavolo“, which was initially available as demo in August 2013 via their official YouTube channel. The band gained the interest of the new Irish folk metal label Nemeton Records, who signed Odr and officially released the EP on 15th of February 2014.               

Il Ponte del Diavolo” includes 4 long songs, each over 6 minutes, plus a 2-minute acoustic interlude, with a total EP duration of almost 28 minutes. The first thing I’d like to comment is the really impressive sound of the band, especially if you take in consideration it was initially recorded as demo! Their production is really professional, and it’s only their beginning. Of course what counts most is the music, which is equally impressive. Odr play folk pagan black metal with some death metal elements, mostly in the vocals. Heavy guitars with epic pagan riffs and extreme vocals create the perfect contrast with Ciccio’s amazing melodic flutes! His flutes have a very beautiful folk fairy-tale atmosphere, carrying practically all melodies of the songs. They don’t dominate their sound though, since they cooperate in harmony with the synths and guitars. Massimo’s singing style is very variable and he is making very interesting dialogues between extreme black metal screams, death metal growls and clean folk vocals, being equally good in each style. All 5 compositions are magical, changing rhythms from slow/mid tempo to extreme fast outbreaks, keeping always the interest of the listener. All their lyrics are in Italian dealing with fantasy themes, local legends, or drinks.

I must admit, Odr’s debut EP impressed me very much. They play in my favorite style of folk pagan black metal and they are very good at it. I am really looking forward for their next steps. “Il Ponte del Diavolo” is released by Nemeton Records in a beautiful 4-panel digifile limited edition, with graphics by Paola Cera and photos by Stefano Seglie. You can visit the band’s official profiles below and listen to their beautiful music, or their label’s e-shop if you are interested in buying the album.


Rating: Rating 9-10 (9/10)

Odr @ Facebook
Odr @ YouTube


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