NACHTREICH – Trugbilder

NACHTREICH - Trugbilder

Origin: Germany
Genre: Acoustic Neoclassical
Label: Pest Productions
Year: 2013

Nachtreich was a German instrumental band formed in 2003 by Uli Kaineder and Peter Honsalek. Their music has influences from neoclassical, black metal and classical music. The band was active from 2003 until 2010, when they split up, but they continued working together in different music paths. After several demos, Nachtreich released their debut full-length album “Sturmgang” in 2009. They continued releasing some works after their official end, like the “B​-​Sides & Unreleased Demos” in 2011. “Trugbilder” is the last album of the band, released in the end of 2013 via the Chinese label Pest Productions in a limited deluxe edition.            

In this album all metal elements are absent. It is an exclusively acoustic release, closer to classical music, with some neoclassical and romantic references of course. There are 5 completely instrumental pieces in the album, lasting a little under 40 minutes. Piano, violins and viola are the only instruments used, creating a very dark melancholic mood. It’s not easy to describe or rate the “quality” of such music, but I can definitely say that Nachtreich manage to create a really atmospheric work. I prefer the parts where they combine beautiful piano with enchanting violins in a more conventional melodic way, since the slower violin and viola solo experiments are more difficult to digest. My favorite compositions are the 13-minute masterpiece “Tram(a)” and the 7-minute “Trance“. Their music has a very romantic nostalgic color, combining melancholy and darkness with some warmer touches, in a very personal way. The overall impression the album gives is that of chamber music, transferring the listener some centuries ago…

Nachtreich have left their metal roots in the past, offering in their new album a work of classical music. Their compositions are really beautiful, unique and pleasant to listen, especially if you want to take a break from heavier and extremer forms of music. Furthermore “Trugbilder” is released by Pest Productions in a limited to 200 copies collectible hardcover Artbook CD (22×29,5cm), with 38-page booklet in 400gr coated art paper, including poems and paintings, weighting almost 1kgr! You can visit Nachtreich’s official links below and listen to many of their works, or find more info if you want to enrich your collection with this beautiful Artbook.


Rating: Rating 9-10 (9/10)

Nachtreich @ Facebook
Nachtreich @ Bandcamp
Nachtreich – Trugbilder @ Bandcamp

NACHTREICH - Trugbilder Artbook


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