IMMORIOR reveal debut album details

IMMORIOR - Herbstmar

German atmospheric black metal band Immorior from Saarland has revealed some info about the release of its debut full-length album “Herbstmär“. The band consists of only two members, Nordmann (Nelandhir, Seuchenzug, ex-Stardust) and Sarghas (Nelandhir, Northern Hate, Seuchenzug, ex-Stardust). The album includes 9 songs that last about 65 minutes. It is a concept work and its lyrics are centered around a fantasy story, where dreams and reality become one. ”Herbstmär” will be released in CD hopefully in April 2014 as a cooperation of the German labels Narbentage Produktionen and Black Blood Records. Immorior have just unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist.

1. Somnio Vivere
2. Illusionist                          
3. …und Zeit Stand Still
4. Sie…
5. Rastlos
6. Echo
7. Herbstmär
8. Erwachen
9. Vero Mori

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