IZMOROZ – Ктулху

IZMOROZ - Cthulhu

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Triple Kick Records
Year: 2013

Russian folk humorous black metallers Изморозь (Izmoroz) are back with their new opus “Ктулху” (Cthulhu), their seventh full-length album so far. The band was formed in 2006 as a 2-album project, having a more serious epic Viking oriented approach. After the encouragement of the fans, the band continued, making at the same time a huge turn in its sound and concept in 2010. They are since then playing melodic extreme pagan folk metal with humorous lyrics, mixing various mythologies, fantasy tales, alien themes and drinks, combined all together. In the end of 2013 their new album was released by Belf’s own label Triple Kick Records, bringing Cthulhu Mythos in the game.         

If you have listened to their recent works, you know what to expect, or part of it… The album name prepared me for a dark atmospheric album. “Ктулху” though is actually the most folkish album of the band ever! The extended use of flutes works very good in the songs, adding a fresh air in their sound. The album is actually divided into two parts, having except for the folk fun songs, a few more aggressive “occult” songs. Of course the humorous approach of the band is dominant as always and there is no better proof than the “official” video of the opening track “Варгамор (Vargamor)“. The band combines catchy riffs, with melodic synths and folk instruments and their songs change rhythms, moving between mid to fast tempo. Guitars are clearly more dominant in their orchestrations this time, especially in the more aggressive songs. Belf’s screaming vocals are one of the band’s trademarks and in this album he has the opportunity to unveil more sides of his excellent voice, singing in a large variety of extreme vocal types, as well as with a few clean vocals. Изморозь have once again a very clear sound and a great production, with the perfect balance between guitars, synths, folk instruments and vocals. What is amazing with this band, is that despite the obvious mood for parody of the genre, they compose really great songs, with countless catchy melodies! Each time I listen to the album, the more addicted I become to it and its melodies are twirling in my head. Once again lyrics are in Russian and I bet they are very fun. If you speak the language they are all in the CD booklet.

Ктулху” is another enjoyable album from Изморозь, totally recommended to their fans and to all those who appreciate melodic extreme folk metal, with a great dose of humor and some darker parts. The album includes 10 songs, plus a hidden acoustic track, with a total duration a little over 40 minutes. It is self-released by Triple Kick Records in a standard jewel-case edition CD including a 20-page booklet. The amazing cover artwork is by Alexander Tartsus, totally fitting the atmosphere and mood of the band. You can visit the band’s official pages in the links below to get more info and samples of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Izmoroz official page
Izmoroz @ Facebook
Izmoroz @ VK


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