DEEP MOUNTAINS reveal upcoming album details

DEEP MOUNTAINS - Lake of Solace

Chinese atmospheric black metal band Deep Mountains (深山) has announced the release of its first full-length album entitled “忘憂湖 / Lake of Solace“. The new album will be released on April 25th 2014 via the Chinese label Pest Productions in digipak CD edition. Deep Mountains were formed in 2009 and their self-titled EP was out in 2010 via Pest Productions. “Lake of Solace” includes 8 atmospheric nature inspired black metal songs with many acoustic passages, folk elements and post metal influences. The band has unveiled the beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist, as well as 3 songs from “Lake of Solace” that you can listen in their label’s Bandcamp page.

01. 引子 / Intro
02. 毀滅 / Sin
03. 九黎之舞 / Wind and Stellar                      
04. 超脫/  Detachment
05. 忘憂湖 壹 / Lake of Solace pt.1
06. 忘憂湖 贰 / Lake of Solace pt.2
07. 渿河謠 / Ballad of Nai River
08. 李鳳華 / Li Fenghua

Deep Mountains official page
Deep Mountains @ Facebook


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