TROBAR unveil upcoming album details

TROBAR - Charivari

Canadian progressive folk metallers Trobar from Rimouski, Québec have announced the release of their first full-length album “Charivari” on April 15th 2014. Trobar were formed in 2009 and their line-up remains the same since the beginning. In 2011 they released the 5-track debut EP “Vÿs“. The band’s lyrics are all in French, mostly inspired by Canadian legends and history. ”Charivari” was recorded at Silverwings Studios in Montreal during the summer of 2013. The new album will be 70 minutes long, including 12 tracks, most of them new compositions. There are also some songs the band was already playing before the release of the first EP, but didn’t record them back then due to time limitations. “Charivari” will be released independently on CD by Trobar and of course will be available in digital formats too. The band unveiled cover artwork and album tracklist, as well as a preview song that you can listen in their official Bandcamp page, following the links below.

1. L’Aube de Tous les Diables
2. Troubadours
3. Charivari
4. Le Sacrifice
5. Le Bosquet
6. Ivresse, Notre Déesse
7. Tyran
8. Dans un Autre Monde
9. Neuf Orteils et Dix Sous
10. Noctambule
11. À L’Ombre du Chêne
12. Pactés À Mort

Éric Albert D’Astous – vocals
Anaël Turcotte – drums
Jean-Luc Déziel – guitars
Pascale Lévesque – flute, vocals
Alexandre Levasseur – keyboards, guitars
Vincent Roy – bass

Trobar @ Facebook
Trobar @ Bandcamp


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