NOCTEM CURSIS unveil debut album details

NOCTEM CURSIS - Nocturnal Frost

Epic black metal band Noctem Cursis from France has announced the release of its debut full-length album “Nocturnal Frost“. It will be co-released by the French labels Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions and Mortis Humanae Productions in May 2014. Noctem Cursis is a Savoyard black metal band formed in 2010. They self-released their first EP “Wrath of Winter” in 2011, which was also re-released on tape via Mortis Humanae Productions in 2012. “Nocturnal Frost” is a black metal album with melodious and epic elements. It was created to represent the forces of nature, winter and cold upon men. The ambiances are nostalgic and melancholic, but also warlike and imposing. The guitars’ harmony brings the auditor to faraway cold lands. The keyboards’ atmosphere gives the combo more amplitude, whereas the bass / battery creates a solid rhythmic base.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cédric Lerges in the Laforge Studios (Evohé, Malmort, Atrophy), the sound, massive and powerful, suits ideally the group’s music. This production was supported by various musicians from the French metal scene. Thus, the clear voices were by Loïc Cellier from Belenos. Mathieu Bole du Chaumont (Atrophy, Sphères) participated on the guitars, and Louz Valfreya on the cello. Except for the album track list, Noctem Cusris has also unveiled the wonderful cover artwork, which is inspired by the “Col du Grand Saint-Bernard” painting from Alexis-Noël, presently exposed at “Musée des Beaux Arts de Chambéry”. Lénaïc Terrier did the design work and Didier Gourbin took the picture.

1. Introduction
2. From Space
3. Scars of the Past
4. Le Guerrier Noir
5. Ov Immobile Energy
6. Wolrd to Ashes
7. Secrets of the Elder
8. Les Rivages de la Mort
9. Crossing the Everlasting

Nihilhis – vocals
Heidarr – keyboards
Terror – Guitar
Raven – Guitar
Camulus – Bass
Heimgardh – Drums

Noctem Cursis official page
Noctem Cursis @ Facebook
Noctem Cursis @ Twitter


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