TIME OF TALES – Enter the Gates (EP)

TIME OF TALES - Enter the Gates

Origin: Poland
Genre: Folk Death Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

Time of Tales is a new folk metal band from the city Mielec of South-Eastern Poland. The band was formed theoretically in 2009, but due to continuous line-up changes, they couldn’t record anything or play on stage until 2013, when they finally managed to gather a stable line-up. Time of Tales soon entered the studio and they recorded their debut EP “Enter the Gates“, which was self-released in March of 2014.       

Enter the Gates” is a very short EP, including 4 tracks with a total duration a little less than 16 minutes. Thankfully their music is very good and if they can keep it at the same level for a full-album, the future of Time of Tales could be bright. The band moves between folk metal and folk death metal, with obvious Eluveitie influences. They have a very powerful solid sound and a quite technical playing. Their dynamic riffs and melodic lead guitars, together with some beautiful solos, form a great rhythmic base for Peter’s enchanting tin whistles and Irish flutes, which carry out the wonderful Celtic tunes of their compositions. Luckily, at least for my taste, these folk instruments are not used in just some small parts of their songs, but they are a basic and quite dominant element of their orchestrations. They use only black death metal screaming vocals, which are fitting perfectly with their music, but it is my opinion that a bigger variety in the vocals would make their music even more interesting. Except for the opening album-titled track that contains authentic traditional Celtic tunes, all other folk melodies are written by the band, who seems to have its way in composing very catchy songs. All their lyrics are in English, but they are absent from the CD booklet.

This new Polish band made a very positive impression to me. There is still place for improvement of course, especially in the production that could be more sharp and clear, but it’s only a debut EP! I advice all folk metal fans to keep an open eye for this band, since I am sure they are capable for great things. ”Enter the Gates” is self-released in a nice 4-panel digipak edition, whose beautiful cover artwork is by Bartłomiej Chrabąszcz. You can visit the band’s official Facebook profile for more info and to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

Time of Tales @ Facebook


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