DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS unveil upcoming EP details


Black death metallers Devilish Impressions from Opole of Poland have unveiled the details of their upcoming EP. Scheduled for a May 8th 2014 release, “Adventvs” EP, a follow up to the critically acclaimed “Simulacra” album (2012), will feature two brand new tracks that perfectly portray the band’s present state and its recently re-defined sonic path, as well as the group’s 2002 never-published-before demo “Eritis Sicvt Devs“. Including over 60 minutes of the band’s new and old music, “Adventvs – Eritis Sicvt Devs” will be available in exclusive digipak edition with a 20-pages booklet wrapped in amazing layout, with artworks by Black Moon Design.

Comments the band’s mastermind, Quazarre: “You’ll definitely see a huge distance between the opening tracks of “Adventvs” and those from the “Eritis Sicvt Devs” era, especially on a technical level. But hey, that’s the whole point as we’d like to leave you with a glimpse into what Devilish Impressions was doing in the years it was created and compare it to what we do presently. And although “Eritis Sicvt Devs” was in a way created to pay homage to all those acts that so strongly influenced our creation, it was also a brave reach out and search for ways to the band’s very individual expression. As for the new songs, not only we have redefined the ideas behind our sonic path but have also come up with a different approach toward the sound and production. We’ve introduced 7-strings guitars and reduced synthesizers to the absolute minimum. Moreover, in order not to spoil a natural groove of the drums, for the first time ever we’ve decided to use no triggers at all”.

Once again, the band has worked with different sound engineers and used several recording studios to produce the new songs, incl. the famous Hertz Studio (drums – Wieslawski Bros), Icaros Studio (guitars), Flumen Studio (additional synth / fx) and Sound Division Studio (vocals; guitars’ re-amping), where it was also mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz Malczewski (Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate etc.). Also appearing on the record are Contemplatron – overtone chanting, dril bu (ritual Tibetan hand bell) and Chinese Chau gong as well as Wojciech ‘Flumen’ Kostrzewa (Asgaard) – additional synth / fx.

Eritis Sicvt Devs” originally recorded by Paweł Wołczyk at D.J. Wolkos 666 Studio, has been digitally re-mastered at the beginning of 2014. In support to the “Adventvs” premiere Devilish Impressions will tour Poland in May. Tour dates and more info are available in their official pages below.

A. Adventvs
1. Adventvs Regis – 10.08
2. Meteoron – 06.51
B. Eritis Sicvt Devs
3. Moon – 19.50
4. Var – 14.24
5. Dies Irae – 11.39

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