BLACK JADE release new album online

BLACK JADE - Warden of Tol Sirion

Swiss epic Tolkien folk black metallers Black Jade have just made a great gift for their fans. They are offering for free a very interesting album, entitled “Warden of Tol Sirion“, which is available for download with full DVD-case artwork in their official pages. This album contains the complete Black Jade part of the upcoming split CD “Auf Vergessenen Pfaden…” with German black metallers Carn Dûm. Except for the 8 songs of the split, it also includes 4 bonus tracks, all taken from the 2014 4-way split “Guardians of the Rings” with Onyx, Ringbearer and Uruk Hai. Below you can also see the beautiful cover artwork of the upcoming split, whose release date is still unknown…

1. Namárië!
2. Dol Amroth
3. Rise and Fall of Khazad-dûm                           
4. Dorthonion
5. Undulávë Lumbulë!
6. Path to Edhellond
7. Warden of Tol Sirion
8. Belegost

Bonus Songs:
9. Awake!
10. Warrior Princess
11. Ar-Pharazôn (Remake of 2005 song)
12. Spirit of the Water Lord

Naragarth – guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, piano, drums
Mark – bagpipes, all clean-backing vocals

Black Jade official page
Black Jade @ Facebook

CARN DUM + BLACK JADE - Auf Vergessenen Pfaden


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