CIRCSENA reveal upcoming debut album details

CIRCSENA - A Dryad Tale

German epic dark metallers Circsena are in the studio to record their first full length album and the recordings will be finished within the next 2 weeks. The dryad saga will not be told in 3 albums like the band has initially announced, but is now compromised into just one album with the title “A Dryad Tale“. Circsena welcome a new member in their line-up, Neele Wiltfang, who is responsible for the clean female vocals on the album. The release date of the album isn’t yet set, since the band wants to release it when everything will be perfect, hopefully in autumn or latest in winter 2014. ”A Dryad Tale” will be released in super jewel case CD edition, including a 16-page booklet with detailed illustrations of the story. There will be also special packages available, including a movie size poster of the front cover artwork (61 x 91 cm) and some very limited editions with an Art-Book, including the artwork, exclusive photos and articles from the band members. For now the band has unveiled the cover artwork (you can see it bigger below) and the album tracklist.


- ACT I:
1. Prologue
2. The Strolling Chaos
3. When the Raven Cries Pt. 2
4. When the Raven Cries Pt. 3
5. Examination of the Atrocity
6. I will Prevail
7. Simoom (Interlude)
8. Through Sand and Pain
9. The Audience
10. An Unexpected Encounter
11. Exasperation (Interlude)
12. Queen of the Raging Flood
13. March of the Underwater Legion
14. The Sacrifice
15. Epilogue

Circsena official page
Circsena @ Facebook
Circsena @ Bandcamp



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