NORDHEIM – Lost in the North

NORDHEIM - Lost in the North

Origin: Canada
Genre: Folk Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: Maple Metal Records
Year: 2011

Nordheim is a new folk black metal band, coming from Québec, Canada. They were formed in 2006 and in 2009 they released a 3 song demo. In 2010 their debut full-length “Lost in the North” was self-released, but soon sold out! In 2011 they inked a deal with the Canadian label Maple Metal Records, who in the end of the same year re-released their debut album.

Their music can be described as extreme Viking metal with folk black metal elements. Nordheim’s basic influence is Ensiferum, mainly as a reference, since they are not copying them. The band’s compositions are based on fast melodic riffs and epic mid tempo rhythmic guitars. There are also some synths, but they have an accompanying role, since most melody lines are carried out by the guitars. Flutes and accordion (keyboard samples) often enrich their sound, giving a folk touch in “Lost in the North”. Vocals are mostly epic black metal screams, combined with a few clean male vocals and some choral refrains. Their production is decent, especially for a debut, but I think it can be improved. Nordheim create an epic majestic atmosphere with their music and songs like “Beer, Trolls and Vomit!” show there is also a humorous mood in the album. Their lyrics are about epic battles on the Northern lands and seas, all of them in English.

Lost in the North” is in my opinion a very nice debut, recommended to fans of extreme folk Viking metal, who like to explore beyond the most famous and mainstream bands of the genre. The album is released in a standard jewel case version and the nice cover artwork is illustrated by Nicolas Francoeur. You can visit the links below to listen to Nordheim’s music and find more details if you are interested to get their album.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Nordheim @ Facebook
Nordheim @ Myspace


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