ENVIKTAS – Enviktas (EP)

ENVIKTAS - Enviktas

Origin: Australia
Genre: Folk Black Metal Folk Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

A new amazing folk metal band arises from Newcastle, New South Wales of Australia. Formed in 2010 with the ambition to combine traditional world folk music with extreme metal, they soon earned a good reputation in the local scene, thanks to their theatrical and energetic live performances. Finally, after a lot of hard work, the band managed to record its first work, the EP “Enviktas” that was self-released in March of 2014.

Enviktas really impressed me with the fantastic music quality of their debut EP! ”Enviktasincludes one short instrumental intro and 5 tracks, with a total playtime of almost 28 minutes. The band mixes elements of world folk music of various origins, with technical death and melodic black metal, displaying brilliant composing skills. They combine heavy guitars with epic melodic synths and enchanting violins, while at times their music gets pretty symphonic and bombastic. They also use several traditional acoustic instruments, including tin whistles, whistles, accordion and sipsi (Turkish clarinet), adding a unique ethnic touch in their music. They move from Celtic atmospheres, to oriental moods and from Scandinavian folklore to native American soundscapes, enriched by classical music influences and an almost avant-garde aesthetic! Luckily enough, the overall result doesn’t sound “random”, on the contrary it has a quite tight atmosphere and a clearly personal identity. Their songs are quite fast most of the time, with some mid-tempo and few slower parts of course. Their vocals are exclusively in the brutal side, ranging between black metal screams and death metal growls. And while their production is very good, especially for a debut EP, I find their sound a bit more distorted and synthetic than what I’d like. Of course these are “details”, but the band has raised the level very high with its wonderful music.

Enviktas is more than a promising band. Their debut EP is a must-listen for fans of folk extreme metal, especially those who like a more epic majestic atmosphere. The idea of gathering folk elements of various traditions is also very interesting and I am really looking forward to see the band’s next step. I just hope in a slight improvement in the production, in order to achieve a more natural and solid sound. Except for the digital online edition in their official Bandcamp page, “Enviktas” is also self-released in a nice 4-panel digipak CD edition, that unluckily has no booklet with lyrics. I’d like to see the band’s lyrical concept and I hope they have the time to develop it in their future works. Their cover artwork is inspired by cave paintings and is done by Nick Lissarrague, while the layout is by Ben Bullivant. You can follow the links to their official pages below and find more about the band.


Rating: Rating 9-10 (9/10)

Enviktas @ Facebook
Enviktas @ Bandcamp


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