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Less than a year after “Sol“, the acclaimed conceptual split album with Mare Cognitum, Greece’s Spectral Lore release “III“, their magnum opus of progressive black metal and cosmic ambient. In the works since 2008, half of the recordings were kept from being completed because of production and mixing problems. To vent off frustration, the album “Sentinel” had been written and produced in 2012 during an intense period of 3 months, allowing the band’s sole member Ayloss to acquire the necessary production skills to successfully complete “III“, considered by Ayloss himself as Spectral Lore’s best work to date.

Lyrically and conceptually ‘III’ marks a passage from the internal to the external, from the individual to cosmic destiny“, explains Ayloss. “It aspires for humans to discover the importance of their own existence and the potential of their effect, negating the pessimism and existential nihilism that are ever-present in black metal. It aspires for Man to ask the greatest questions and to come up with answers, even as naive or limited as they might seem at the moment. The deepest, most beautiful dream is that which is in tune with the Universe“.

Divided into 2 parts, “Singularity” (tracks 1-4) and “Eternity” (tracks 5-7), “III” will be released via I, Voidhanger Records on May 2nd 2014 as a luxurious 6-panel double digipak with a 20-page full color booklet graced by a magnificent cover art courtesy of the renowned American symbolist painter Benjamin Vierling (Nightbringer, Weapon, Aosoth, Avichi, Watain). Art direction and layout is by Francesco Gemelli. You can already enjoy 2 amazing tracks of this masterpiece on Spectral Lore’s official Bandcamp page following the link below!

1. Omphalos ( 7:48 )
2. The Veiled Garden ( 16:24 )
3. The Cold March to Eternal Brightness ( 14:33 )
4. Drifting Through Moss and Ancient Stone ( 11:13 )
5. The Spiral Fountain ( 10:35 )
6. A Rider in the Lands of an Infinite Dreamscape ( 12:37 )
7. Cosmic Significance ( 13:55 )

Spectral Lore @ Bandcamp



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