GJELDRUNE unveil debut album details

GJELDRUNE - Shoronili my Svoy Kray

Russian folk metal band GjeldRune from Dubna of Moscow has just announced that its debut album “Схоронили Мы Свой Край – We’ve Buried Our Native Land” is finally ready! It will be self-released on the 30th of May 2014 and it will be available for free in the band’s website! GjerdRune have also decided to print a few hundreds copies of digipaks for CD сollectors. The band was founded in 2008. They sing about heroic life and glory of the ancestors as well as those who is worthy to be called heroes in our time. GjeldRune’s music is based on a powerful rhythm-section, accompanied by melodic ethnic instruments and clean vocals. In a few days they will present the first single from the album, “Палец На Спуск – Finger to the Trigger“.

Схоронили Мы Свой Край” was recorded between July 2013 and January 2014 in various places. Drums and the others acoustic instruments in CDM Records (Moscow, sound engineer – Sergez Lazar); keyboards, guitars and bass in their home studio (Dubna-Moscow); vocals in HPJ Records (Moscow, sound engineer – Sergey Ryasik); mixing and mastering by Sergey Lazar (ARKONA, CDM Records). Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed.

1. Схоронили Мы Свой Край (We’ve Buried Our Native Land)
2. Вороны (Ravens)
3. Killdozer
4. Что c Нами Стало (What Happened to Us)
5. Боевая (The Battle Song)
6. Аврора
7. Палец На Спуск (Finger to the Trigger)
8. Степняки (Steppemen)
9. Зеленый Склон (The Green Mountainside)
10. Атака Мертвецов (The Corpse Attack)
11. Коловрат

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GjeldRune @ VK


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