SKOGSHALLEN new album released

SKOGSHALLEN - Olrunir's Saga

Vinlandic Viking folk black metal band Skogshallen from California, USA has just released its second full-length album “Ölrunir’s Saga“. Formed in 2005 by its sole member Vidfrey, this one-man-band underwent many name changes before concluding to Skogshallen and releasing its debut album “Northern Lights” in 2011. Skogshallen focuses on Vikings, Norse mythology, and anti religion in its themes and uses medieval and folk instruments, mixed with black and melodic death metal for for its sound. “Ölrunirs Saga” is the story of one Viking’s attempt to avoid his problems with alcohol and drugs, only to find that Odin has other plans in store for him, including a cunning plan to steal the drinking horn from a mighty troll king. Lyrical editing and album art is by Karisa “Vargsinn” Trigg. “Ölrunirs Saga” is available in Skogshallen’s official Bandcamp page in digital format and physical CD.

1. The Tale of Ölrunir Beerfrost the Viking Who Drank Alot ( 02:34 )
2. We Like Drink ( 02:22 )
3. Mjödhallen (The Mead Hall) ( 02:24 )
4. Brennivín Berjast (Feat. Michael Rohwer) ( 04:55 )
5. Pints And Pipes ( 04:06 )
6. Everdrunk ( 02:33 )
7. I Landed Where? ( 02:49 )
8. Sneaky Trolls ( 01:19 )
9. Rundamage Trollkungen (Round Belly The Troll King) ( 03:30 )
10. Trollfuck ( 02:31 )
11. The Horn of Drunkening ( 03:11 )

Vidfrey – lyrics, composition, guitars

Guest musicians:
Lycaon – vocals
Nollid – composition
Belawulf – guitars, composition
Andor – bass, backing vocals
Waya – lyrical themes
Michael Rohwer – solo on “Brennivín Berjast

Skogshallen official blog
Skogshallen @ Facebook
Skogshallen @ Bandcamp


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