EVERGREEN REFUGE release new album


Atmospheric ambient black metal band Evergreen Refuge has just released its 5th full-length album “Embers“. Evergreen Refuge is the personal project of Evergreen from Colorado, USA, who formed this band is 2011. Blending elements of black metal, folk, ambient and post rock, he seeks wildness and solitude in a self-destructive world. Conceived as a follow-up to the previous album “As the Fires Burn” from 2013, ”Embers” crafts a concept of life after a fallen way of living comes to a close. Darkness fades in, but soon the light will follow… The wonderful photo of the album cover is taken by Infinite Forests. The album, as well as the complete Evergreen Refuge discography, is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page that you can check in the links below. “Embers“, that consists of only one song, the 56-minute album-titled track, will soon be released in CD format too, limited to 50 copies.

1. Embers ( 55:54 )

Evergreen Refuge @ Facebook
Evergreen Refuge @ Bandcamp


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