FEGEFEUER ANILMATHIEL reveal upcoming album details

FEGEFEUER ANILMATHIEL - The Mourning Woodlands

Spanish atmospheric ambient black metal band Fegefeuer Anilmathiel from Murcia will soon release its new album entitled “The Mourning Woodlands“. It is the personal project of Herthenarth (Fran Mora) who formed this band in 2010 under the name Fegefeuer until 2013, when the band was renamed to Fegefeuer Anilmathiel. Except for a demo in 2012, the band has released 2 EPs and one full-length, all in 2014. And now, the second full-length is coming, before the first half of the year! “The Mourning Woodlands” is recorded in Herthenarth’s home-studio Dunkelstern Records. Fegefeuer Anilmathiel’s music tries to make the listener take a journey into personal feelings and epic moments, like battles or heroics tales about nature. So the lyrics are mostly about human feelings as love, desperation, passion, etc or about nature and epic themes. The album will be released only digitally, like all previous works. For the cover artwork the band used a beautiful painting by the American painter William Guy Wall (1792 – 1864). Album tracklist is also revealed.

1. The World Has Changed (Instrumental)
2. The Lonely Tree
3. Might And Glory
4. Feasting Under the Leaves
5. Forest Melancholy
6. Moonlight Over the Sky (also know as Moonlight)
7. Woodlands Memorial
8. The First Light On The Grass (Instrumental)

Fegefeuer Anilmathiel official blog
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