LÈPOKA release debut full-length album

LEPOKA - Folkoholic Metal

Spanish folk metal band Lèpoka from Castelló de la Plana has just released its debut full-length album, entitled “Folkoholic Metal“. Lèpoka were formed in early 2010 as a group of friends and recorded their first demo in 2011. After several line-up changes, they recorded 2 new songs in 2012 and at the same time they played in various gigs. Finally they started working on their first full-length work, consisting of 10 tracks. “Folkoholic Metal” is self-released by the band in jewel-case edition and can be purchased directly by them. In their official Facebook profile you can listen to a couple of songs and get a first taste of their music.

1. Folkoholic Metal
2. Réquiem Natura                    
3. Orfeo
4. Interludio
5. Esta Noche la Vamos a Liar
6. La Taberna de los Trolls
7. Jägermeister of Puppets
8. Resakoff
9. Es Tiempo de Partir
10. Que el Cuento no Acabe Aquí

Dani Nogués – vocals
Zarach – wind instruments & compositions
Samu – violin
“Popez” – guitars
Juan Palomo – guitars
Zaph – bass
Jaume – drums

Lèpoka @ Facebook


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