ZERGEYTH – Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas

ZERGEYTH - Pajot Kezas Kodoilas

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Acoustic Folk Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Zergeyth is a rather unknown Russian one-man band from Saint Petersburg that has recently released its first work. There is not much info available about them, except that they are the solo project of Sergey Nikiforov, who is also a member of the Aggro-industrial band Repus Tuto Matos. The first sign of life for Zergeyth was the participation in the tribute album “Triumph und Wille — A Tribute to Burzum” in 2006 with the cover on “Tomhet“. Seven years later and completely out of nowhere, the band released its debut full-length album “Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas“.                  

The first thing that attracted me in this album and made me contact the band, was the album’s cover beautiful photo. Just a small part of a snow-covered wooden house. So simple, yet able to create a unique “pastoral” atmosphere, at least in my eyes! Luckily enough, the music is of equal quality. Zergeyth have for sure a very personal music style, difficult to compare with other bands. Sergey calls his music Karelian folk black metal (Karelia is an area in the borders of Russia and Finland) and this album is a tribute to Karelian peoples and their customs. All lyrics are in Karelian language, a Finnic language closely related to the Finnish dialects, spoken mainly in the Russian Republic of Karelia. Of course this adds even more authenticity and realistic atmosphere in Zergeyth’s concept.

Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas” includes 9 songs, with a total duration around 56 minutes. There are 4 acoustic compositions, 4 “metal” songs and the 10-minute cover on Burzum’s “Tomhet“. Their acoustic songs are not just fillers, but they are of highest quality and could actually support a completely acoustic album! Except for acoustic guitars, Sergey uses various synths, fiddles and the amazing traditional instrument Kantele, native to Finland and Karelia. Coming to the main songs now, they are not easy to be described. The roots of his music are in pagan folk black metal, but there are many more elements into it. I listen to influences of atmospheric metal, epic metal with clean male vocals, melodic metal with great guitar solos and synths and of course many traditional folk Karelian elements and acoustic passages, all of them combined in a very solid music result! The band uses both brutal and clean vocals in many variations. Their overall sound isn’t very extreme and the band belongs to the softer side of folk black metal. All compositions are very good, each one different from the other, but all of them compose a stylistically tight atmospheric album. The cover of Burzum is also very interesting and the addition of ambient and electronic elements works very good! The production for a self-released debut album is very good, but compared to the quality of the music, it still needs some improvement. The same goes for the vocals, especially some clean parts.

Zergeyth is a very well hidden treasure, definitely worthy of your effort and time to discover it! A very honest and atmospheric work of folk metal, combining pagan black metal and Karelian folk music. “Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas” is self-released in a standard jewel-case CD with a 12-page booklet, including all lyrics and their summaries in English. There are also many beautiful photos, like the cover’s, all shot and edited by Daniil Moustaev. Check this band, they deserve it. Luckily enough the whole album is available in their official Bandcamp page and if you are interested in getting the CD, you can contact Sergey through the band’s Facebook profile in the links below. I hope to listen to more stuff from them soon…


Rating: Rating 9-10 (9/10)

Zergeyth @ Facebook
Zergeyth @ Bandcamp


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