SVERDKAMP reveal debut EP details

SVERDKAMP - Fraa Ryfylke

Norwegian Viking black metal project Sverdkamp from Ryfylke will release its debut EP “Fraa Ryfylke” on June 20th 2014. Originally a one-piece band, Sverdkamp is the brainchild of Kjartan Steingrimm “Nattsvart” Ovrehus. The band recorded some demos in 2010, but they were never released. A live band is in the works and a few shows have been given to the crowds in Kristiansand and Stavanger, but the ambition is to go on a full-scale tour with a larger band. “Fraa Ryfylke” was recorded late 2012 and finished in March of 2013. The EP was recorded in the studio of Venomenon (Nàttsòl, Man Gremmes Kan, ex-Ragnarok live) who has also contributed with some guitars and vocals. “Med Vondt Ska Vondt Fordrivast” features screams from Thurs’ front-man Draugr Skaldvard. Song themes vary from old local legends, regional patriotism and even a “drinking song”. The last part of “Hymne Til Heimlandet” is based on an old Norwegian hymn, while “Til Strid” is a black metal tune in the vein of Windir and Forlorn. All the lyrics are written in the local dialect. Their music showcases melody, aggression, rhythm and last but not least some truly remarkable vocals.

1. Til Strid
2. Daudens Drikkevise
3. Hymne Til Heimlandet
4. Trettemyrane
5. Med Vondt Skal Vondt Fordrivast

Recording line-up:
Nattsvart – guitars, vocals, bass, music and lyrics
Venomenon – additional guitars, vocals, mixing/mastering and programing
D. Skaldvard – screams on “Med Vondt Ska Vondt Fordrivast

Sverdkamp @ Facebook
Sverdkamp @ Bandcamp


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