NEOHERESY (ex-HELLVETO) announce debut album

NEOHERESY - Noc Ktora Dniem sie Stala

Neoheresy is a new Polish orchestral black metal band formed in 2012 by F, previously known as L.O.N. (the man behind Hellveto – also in Blakagir). After recording the last album “Damnaretis” for Hellveto, he decided it was time for a stylistic evolution, resulting in the change of project’s name. The music conception of Neoheresy is directed towards monumental black metal, with influences from ancient folk, symphonic music and dark ambient. F continues to perform all instruments and vocals, since Neoheresy remains a one-man project. In 2013 the band has recorded its debut full-length album entitled “Noc Która Dniem się Stała” that will be released on 1st of August 2014 by the American label Elegy Records. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed, while in their official Bandcamp page you can listen to a couple of new songs.

1. Pamiętamy
2. Neoheresy
3. Piętno
4. Golgota
5. Noc Która Dniem się Stała
6. 1, 2, 3…
7. Na Kolanach
8. Gałąź
Total time: ( 40:42 )

Neoheresy official page
Neoheresy @ Bandcamp


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