SÓLSTAFIR reveal upcoming album details


Icelandic Heathen rock metallers Sólstafir will release their fifth full-length album “Ótta” via Season of Mist, on August 29th 2014. Their unique blend of metal with beautiful melodies, psychedelic moments and a strong undercurrent of classic / hard rock comes as varied and at times appealingly bizarre as the landscapes of their native Iceland. “Ótta” is the logical continuation of the musical course this four-piece adopted on the highly acclaimed forerunner “Svartir Sandar” from 2011. Expect the unexpected, such as seduction by subtle strings or a hypnotic banjo. This album needs to be heard again and again to peel back layers of details, each different and yet always revealing the same: great songs – all of them. Cover artwork and tracklist are already unveiled, together with the title track that you can listen in Sólstafir’s official pages. “Ótta” will be released in several CD and vinyl editions, already available for pre-order in Season of Mist’s e-shop.

1. Lágnætti
2. Ótta
3. Rismál
4. Dagmál
5. Miðdegi
6. Nón
7. Miðaftann
8. Náttmál

Sólstafir official page
Sólstafir @ Facebook
Sólstafir @ Twitter


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