FALLS OF RAUROS unveil upcoming album details

FALLS OF RAUROS - Believe in no Coming Shore

American black folk metallers Falls of Rauros have announced that their third full-length album “Believe in No Coming Shore” is mastered and due to be released via Bindrune Recordings in North America and Nordvis in Europe. Thoughts on the album run wild, for this opus finds Falls of Rauros really coming in to their own special and vibrant sound. The harsh / desperately screamed vocals are still in full force, as are the fundamentals of their atmospherically charged form of black metal, but “Believe in no Coming Shore” unlocks a brilliant web of passionate guitar work that finds influences in classic rock, classic country, folk, yet not sounding like any one genre specifically. Such careful integration feels like an extension of this band’s spiritual core and the music takes on a hypnotic wanderlust to carry the listener deeper into the aether. The first look at the completed cover art offers a perfect visual into what’s to come. Album tracklist is also revealed. “Believe in no Coming Shore” will be released both in LP and CD editions in the summer of 2014. Exact release dates and pre-order details are coming soon.

1. Blue Misshapen Dusk
2. Ancestors of Shadow
3. Ancestors of Smoke
4. Waxen Voices
5. Spectral Eyes
6. Believe in No Coming Shore

Falls of Rauros official blog
Falls of Rauros @ Facebook
Falls of Rauros @ Bandcamp


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