Origin: Germany
Genre: Ambient Melodic Black Metal
Label: Karge Welten Kunstverlag
Year: 2010

Psychomantum is the personal project of Sargath from Germany, who formed this band back in 1993! In the first 17 years of their life they released only 4 demos. The self-released (not for sale purposes) tapes “Vjelzu Arg” in 1995, “Vahn Sin Niges Knus Per Hus Ken” in 1996 and “Ainak Erdna” in 1997, each one limited to 3 copies. In 2006 they released the promo CD “…Vorzeiten…” limited to 333 copies. It was in 2010 when they released their first full-length debut “Genius Loci” via the German label Karge Welten Kunstverlag. In the same year the split EP with Nachtmahr “Minas / Morgul” was out, a limited to 500 hand-numbered LP dedicated to Summoning’s album “Minas Morgul“.

Genius Loci” contains only 6 tracks, but it lasts for 68 minutes, since most songs are over 10 minutes long! Psychomantum play raw melodic black metal and their style in this album is close to Summoning. Their production and overall sound is definitely underground, but this doesn’t harm their beautiful melodies at all. Distorted guitars and extreme black metal screaming vocals are combined with Sargath’s symphonic keyboards. All melodies are based on the wonderful sound of the synths and the result is amazing in my opinion. Yes, there could be a better production, or a cleaner sound, or real drums, etc, but all I know is that every minute of this album passed so pleasantly and left me craving for more of their brilliant music. “Genius Loci” is a work that can fascinate and relax the listener, transferring him to fantastic places of an undefined time… Their music is melancholic, nostalgic, sometimes epic, moving mainly in mid tempo with a few faster outbursts and the whole album seems like a long song. Their lyrics are in German, telling about mythological and fantasy themes.

Maybe this review comes a little late, since the album is out for 2 years now, but I only recently got their CD at my hands, so better late than never… “Genius Loci” is a must-listen for fans of melodic synth-based underground black metal. Psychomantum is already preparing its second album, entitled “Ein Requiem”, which is going to be an instrumental ambient / neoclassical work scheduled for release on 25th of November 2012. You can visit their official homepage for more details and sound samples for both “Genius Loci” and the upcoming album.


Rating:  (9/10)



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