DUKHI PREDKOV released online single

DUKHI PREDKOV - Single 2012

After their successful debut “Terra Ursorum” in 2011, Russian folk “pagancore” metal band Dukhi Predkov (Духи Предков) composed 2 new songs. These songs are offered for free as an online single with the title “Солнце За горами / Sun Behind the Hills“. The single was released on March 19th 2012. Духи Предков continue with the same line-up and their style remains the same with a slight improvement in the production. You can visit their official pages on the links below to get this single.

1. Преддверие Смерти/Threshold of Death (feat. Miron of Put Solnca)
2. Cолнце за горами/Sun Behind the Hills (feat. Alex Nightbird of Serdce Kamen)

Dukhi Predkov @ Myspace
Dukhi Predkov @ VK


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