SONS OF CROM release digital EP and reveal debut album release date

SONS OF CROM - Conqueror

Epic heavy metal Finnish-Swedish duo Sons of Crom have recently signed to Debemur Morti Productions in order to release their upcoming debut full-length album “Riddle Of Steel” in September 2014. Their label is now offering you the free digital 2-track EP “Conqueror” as an appetizer of the full album! Sons of Crom raised their banner for the first time in January 2014, as Janne and Iiro joined forces to fulfil their vision of epic metal tunes with grandiose lyrics, drawing inspiration from Nordic mythology, heroic cinema and Quorthon’s undying legacy. The band’s debut EP “Victory” was released in January 2014 and it didn’t go unnoticed. The band comments: “We are honored and extremely pleased to get to work with such a great and dedicated label as Debemur Morti for our first album – together we shall unveil the Riddle of Steel to the world. The combination of our grandiose music and DMP’s passion and knowledge seems a perfect fit, and judging by the label’s back catalogue and the work we’ve already done on this album the result will be nothing short of magnificent“.

1. Myrkrarfar ( 04:11 )
2. Master of Shadows ( 07:44 )

Janne Posti – Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Iiro Sarkki – Vocals, drums

Sons of Crom @ Facebook
Sons of Crom @ Bandcamp
Sons of Crom – Conqueror EP @ Bandcamp


One Response to SONS OF CROM release digital EP and reveal debut album release date

  1. Ha, great to see you’re also interested in this album.

    I got their free download EP two days ago as soon as I received Debemur Morti’s newletter.

    The sound is great. This band is very promising. I love the Bathory influence, and how they still manage to have their own sound.

    Valenten, probable buyer of this CD Smilie: :)

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