ILLDÅD reveal upcoming debut EP details

ILLDAD - Grottlefar

Swedish folk metal one-man-band Illdåd will released its debut EP “Gröttlefar” on 24th of July 2014. Illdåd was formed in 2012 in Stockholm by its sole member Anton Tordås with the idea to mix Swedish fairy tales and folk music with metal. Anton has since many years back been listening to all kinds of folk metal, and he is inspired by bands like Trollfest, Otyg, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, etc. Illdåd has released some demo songs on YouTube, but “Gröttlefar” is the first official release from them, showing the true colors of the band. Lyrics are written in Swedish and have a sort of fairytale style, speaking about forests, trolls, fairies, Swedish myths and legends, or fictional characters like the creature Gröttlefar. The EP will initially be out digitally, but there are plans for a CD version too in the near future. The band has unveiled the EP tracklist and the cover artwork by Alexandra Linn, who also sings on many of the songs and is almost like a member of the band.

1. Muntergökens Trolska Skogsfärd
2. Gröttlefar
3. Älvans Dans
4. Ett Odöpt Spökbarn
5. Enslingen

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2 Responses to ILLDÅD reveal upcoming debut EP details

    Marcos Vinicius says:

    Estou realmente ancioso por este album, já os ouço na fanpage do facebook e acho muito bom !

    O problema é que aqui no Brasil, adquirir um álbum desses é bem difícil…

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